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Water Pollution Essay

Water Pollution Essay for Students & Children- Causes, Effects, Remedies: What is Water Pollution?. Water Pollution is the combination of water which is a natural resource and pollution refers to the adding up of impurities or contaminants into it. Water can be taken or useful unless it does not contain any impurities and also contain the balance ratio of elements in it. It is the most required element in the life of human beings or living beings on Earth. The Planet Earth cannot be sustained without water and life on it is also impossible. Similarly, the below Water Pollution Essays contains about Causes, Effects, Prevention Steps of Water Pollution. In the further below Quotes on Stop Polluting water and Save Water are listed.

Short Essay on Water Pollution

Water Pollution is one of the leading Environmental issues that need to resolve for further generations to exist on earth. As we know 3/4th of the earth is filled with water, but why water pollution had become an issue?. Water was filled with 3/4th of the planet by the useful water is only 3-4% in it i.e Fresh and Useful Water for living beings. In the small amount of useful water, human activities make the limited amount useless and rise to need or demand freshwater. Human activities are the main source of water pollution around the world. Water pollution is a Global issue where the scarcity of Freshwater has arisen. The sources of water pollution are Domestic Waste, Insecticides, and Pesticides, Organic Waste, Solid Waste, Fertilizers, Industrial Chemicals, Waste, etc. As these chemicals, farming fertilizers, and some others will be mixed up with water and imbalance the ratio of contents in water. As this polluted water was taken by the living beings it can lead to diseases, the effect on organs, sometimes lead to Death.

Mostly the water sources are around Human life like rivers, lakes, ponds, etc. As the industries are built up for the welfare of human needs but these industries consume water parallelly extracting the chemical and organic waste into it. This tends to pollution of water and where the humans cannot able to use to drink and use for needs. So the prevention steps must be taken by humans and stop extracting the harmful waste into water bodies. The conservation of water is also one of the prevention steps for water pollution as well as water demand.

Long Essay on Water Pollution

Water Pollution means adding up contamination in the water sources like lakes, rivers by activities of humans. On the other hand, Water is an essential natural resource in the life of human beings and living beings. 60-75% of the human body is filled with water, by this, we can come to know the importance and need of water for living beings. Even 70% of fill water is not useful for the needs of human beings where only Fresh and smooth water is useful. By knowing all these things still, the humans are polluting water similarly facing the issues like need or demand for water.

Causes of Water Pollution

As only 3-4% of water is useful and fresh for human beings and these are from sources like rivers, lakes, rains, etc. As the needs of humans are increasing and these needs majorly depend on water for their production. For the needs of Humans, the industries were built upon the riversides. The industries take the water and process it according to the need of the product. This processed water contains chemicals, harmful gases, an imbalanced ratio of minerals, etc and it was released in the water bodies. In the same way, these are the water bodies where humans are dependent for drinking water and basic needs.

There different sources of Water Pollution are Domestic Waste, Industrial Sewage, Insecticides, Pesticides in Farming, Fertilizers, and Detergents. In these sources, some are highly harmful and are released by industries or factories without treating them. These are released into the nearby water sources or stored in an area which can lead to soil pollution. As the untreated chemicals or sewage was mixed with water in water bodies and the water from that are used and lead to effects for human beings.

Effects of Water Pollution

As the farming industries completely depend on the water for the cultivation of various crops. For this process, only freshwater is useful where the freshwater is in demand or scarcity. Industries waste and organic waste will mix up water on the way to reach the farms. This results in improper cultivation or growth of the crop. As the farmer use fertilizers and pesticides for proper cultivation, it contains harmful chemical that will harm humans. As well these chemicals are harmful to aquatic animals and the growth of aquatic life will decrease. This can affect the food chain of humans.

Steps to Control Water Pollution

The polluted water will expose a huge effect on living creatures and their health. The effects of water pollution are Diseases, Chemical Froth, Destruction of the Ecosystem, Formation of Unwanted Water bodies, Foodchain Effects, Imbalances of the water contents, etc. These effects will expose directly or indirectly to humans and aquatic animals. A huge number of aquatic animals or creatures are endangered due to water pollution by human activities. For this alternative are the prevention steps like conservation of water, Proper treatment of sewage, using of Urea in farming, etc. Whatever saving natural resources will save human lives in return and improve the living creatures on Planet Earth.

The Pollution of water is a man-made thing so it can be recorrected by humans itself. For this, every person should know the value of water and how human life needs to exist. All the prevention steps should be applied in the daily lives of humans. Governments should not allow to establish the industries at the riverside and check the industries about the treatment of waste, etc. Awareness activities like Water pollution Drawings, Posters, Paints for young children, and Advertisements are helpful to know for all category people. Stop Polluting Water and Conserve Water for the Present and Future Generations of living beings.

Quotes on Water Pollution

  • Water is Life, Take Care of it.
  • Destroy Water, you destroy life.
  • If you pollute water, you pollute life.
  • If there is magic on this planet it is contained in Water.
  • Water is Life and clean water means health
  • Stop Pollution Quickly, Don’t Make the Water Sick.

Conclusion: We believe that the above Water Pollution Essay has provided some unique information and some unknown things. By this article, we hope you will also part in Saving water and stop polluting it. This essay will helpful for students and aspirants of UPSC & SSC.

Water Pollution Essay for Students and Children | PDF Download

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