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Essay on Violence against women in India

All the discrimination activities which will harm the women mentally and physically are violence against the women. As women are entering into society the security and safety of women had become an issue in today’s world. Many illegal activities are appearing towards women all around the world and this rate is high in countries like India. In India, a huge number of women become the victims of the activities, and some even lead to death. Similarly in the below essay on Violence against women in India was included with all the issues and problems to the women in the society of India. The violence against women and girls essays was included with the security issues and laws in the Indian society for the women of the country. In further below of the article, the quotes on violence against women in India are listed.

Short Essay on Violence against women

Women are the greatest gift of God on the planet. Women are treated as Goddesses and women is the one who gives birth and because of them, the new generations will rise. But the violence against women is continuing till now. Such kind of violent activities results in women ending their lives. Or sometimes it leads to the end of the life of a baby girl in the mother’s womb itself. Mostly in India, women face a lot of problems, these kinds of violent activities had started in the ancient days but are not worse than the present scenario.

In the ancient day’s violent activities are girl child marriages, Sathi Sahagamana, treating women as slaves, not being allowed to educate, and many more issues. But as the days pass on these activities are ended and new types of violent activities are aroused. In the present society, violent activities are domestic violence, foeticide, rapes, acid attacks, body shaming, and many more sexual activities are taking place. In these activities, some of them are damaging the women mentally and some physically, and some even to the death of the women. On the other side, the women are worshipped in India in the various names of the goddess but these actions are not able to see in reality.

By considering these issues and discrimination activities, women had given equal importance in the constitution of India. There are many acts for the welfare and security of women in the country. Violence against women reauthorization act of 2013 is one of the acts for the violence against activities. Any gender should be treated equally in the country and justice should be applied equally to the people of the country.

Long Essay on violence against women

In India, women are 48% of the total country population that is a small count in India with a huge population. The violence against women in India had become an onboard issue for women in society. The government of India facing huge trouble to stop all the issues faced by the women or females of the country. From the ancient days of India, women had huge discrimination in society and don’t allow them even in family decisions. Women are not allowed to move in the society to have basic education but attached them for the household works. However, as the days move on with a lot of struggles by the freedom fighters and positive preachers women achieved freedom and lived independently in the present days.

The people of India think women don’t have the physical power and mental power to defend the men in the country. By taking this as a weak point, many men started violence against women in society. There is no age limit for women who face violence by men. India stands first in the world for domestic violence against women. Dowry is the main point for domestic violence in the country and also the force of the parents towards women to get married to an unknown person.

Acid attacks, rapes, domestic violence, foeticide, killing the girl child, body shaming, etc are the types of violence against women that are facing in present society. But India is the country that worships women in the name of Durga, kali, Saraswathi, and many more but when coming to reality there is violence and many issues towards the women. These men worship women as goddesses but these men don’t even respect the women. Many uneducated men think to involve women in sexual activities forcibly, where these lead to the death of the women.

According to the national crime records bureau of India, for every 20 minutes, a rape was occurring towards the women in the country. Many women were not opened up in society about the illegal activity that happened to them. Because the people of the country give value to social status rather than justice and human rights. In 2012 there are 2.44 lakhs of cases that are reported violence against women and this count is increasing linearly with time. 25th November of every year is considered as International Day for the Elimination of Violence against women and this is concentrated with a theme according to the situations.

The government of the country bought out the rules against the violence issues, violence against women acts, and many more hard punishments that cause violence to the women. There is the women police force which helps the women of the country to open up their troubles and fight for justice by the laws. Every man in the country should be educated to respect women and treat them as an equal part of society. It is not only responsible for the government to keep an end to the violence against women, every individual should feel responsible to secure women and respect them too.

Women are also an equal part of nature. They shouldn’t be discriminated against and should not generate violence against them. The government of the country and all the people should work together in educating the people about the welfare and security of women. Violence against women campaigns, camps should go into the people of rural areas where a lot of uneducated people think in a negative direction. Many competitions like violence against women’s drawings, paintings, essays should be conducted for children at schools. The only possible ways to keep an end to the issue is educating people and applying strict laws in society. Every boy and man should be educated from childhood for the future of women in the country.

Quotes on Violence against women in India

  • If we are to fight discrimination and injustice against women we must start from the home for if a woman cannot be safe in her own house then she cannot be expected to feel safe anywhere.
  • Violence against women isn’t cultural, it’s criminal. Equality cannot come eventually, it’s something we must fight for now.
  • Violence against women is an everyday reality, act now, always, and forever before it’s too late.
  • It’s not enough just to treat women well. We have to work to make sure all men treat women well.
  • Unless men are active allies, we’ll never end violence against women and girls.
  • Violence against women can end only when the culprits get punished.
  • I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent.
  • I firmly believe today that the only way to stop violence against women is to speak out and refuse to be silenced.
  • Violence against women is an appalling human rights violation. But it is not inevitable. We can put a stop to this.
  • Men have an important role to play in sending out the message that real men do not hurt or abuse their partners.

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