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It is the joint emotion of attachment and togetherness in individuals. It gives us the strength to acquire all the difficult situations that arise in all the phases of life. Unity plays a primary role in society and the nation. If we are united, we can easily cross all the odd circumstances either with joy or sadness, good or bad, thick or thin.

Unity is Strength“, says and proves that it is accurate in life. Every human being should be united, which is very important in life. Being united helps people to solve any kind of problem and can come across hurdles in life. Unity makes the people strong, People should be together on all the good and bad days, then life becomes blissful and peaceful. If people are united in all the ways then their life will be happier.

Unity not only develops a person to be extra steadfast but also helps in the overall development of the nation. It will lead a way to acquire the economic, social, political, racial, cultural, linguistic, and religious unity in the country. India is a diverse nation with an enormous territorial area, there are different cultures and religions in the country. The unity in the country makes our country only one of its kind and special from the other nation. “Unity in Diversity”, is not just a phrase, it is depicted by the Indians.

Unity in the nation does not just mean that the people of all the cultures and traditions are one. It is meant that even there are many dissimilarities we will have to be together. For instance, the unity of India was displayed very well during the struggle for our freedom and Independence in India. All the people of the nation were together, sacrificed, and worked hard for the country. Irrespective of caste and creed people were united and fought for our nation’s freedom from the British people.

After the Independences, we have been waiting for the people to be always united and stay as one. But there still exist some differences in the people based on religious anarchy.

Importance Of Unity

The importance of unity is depicted in phrases like, “Unity is Strength”, “United we Stand, Divided we Fall”, which are the facts of life. If people are united they will toil towards the common ambition for progress and a developed nation and life. If the unity is not present they will go on their path greedily without any thought process. The progress of the nation is in the hands of the people, there should be unity among the people for the empowerment of the country, only if the country is enhanced, people in the country can have better and standard living.

Unity is not destined for all cultures and religions to have to be together, it is meant, even there are dissimilarities people should have brotherhood feelings for the other people in the country. All the inhabitants together irrespective of caste, creed, gender, cultures, language, etc., should have feelings of bonding and attachments to each other. In short, it is not that every province builds the Nation. Unity and Integrity in the people will build a nation for better living.

Advantages Of Unity

  • Unity among people will be a helping source and will provide guidance and moral support in difficult times. The inhabitants of the society will help each other in all aspects of life.
  • Personal and Professional matters can be shared with others, which will relieve the problems faced by their guidance and experiences.
  • All the people with the same decision and working to fulfill the desires will enhance the country and also the life of people, through with the nation will have progress.
  • When people are together numerous ideas and opinions pop up through the minds, which will layaway for the desired path.
  • People will motivate and encourage each other to achieve their ambitions.
  • The teamwork of the united people will acquire more quality results compared to the single person.
  • If people are united in the nation, a massive operation also seems small as many people are involved in it.

Images Of Unity

Unity Image Friends Unity Image Unity Quotes Image

Conclusion: Unity in the country and the people in the country will be the strength of the nation. Unity in people will help them in supporting and motivating in good times and critical situations in life. People in the country must be united for harmony and prosperity in the country.

Unity Essay for Students and Children | PDF Download

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