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Essay on Traffic Rules

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Traffic Rules Essay for Students and Children

TRAFFIC RULES – It is the law embedded by the government for the wellbeing and convenience of people. In everyday life – traveling plays a foremost role, either short distance or long interval. For the safety of people, rules and regulations are implemented by the authorities. These systems function as Traffic Rules.

Traffic rules diverge for different roads and different vehicles used by the people. Rules of traffic help in the even and well-organized progress of vehicles on the road.

Traffic rules are pertinent for all the users of the road which are the pedestrians, motorcycles users, bicyclists, car drivers, etc., The rules may be sometimes common nor diverse.

No matter what rule is implemented, it must be followed and obeyed for our safety. The Traffic signals are divided into 3 types. Guidance, Warning, and Regulatory. The Traffic lights are the signal rules for the traffic. The Lights are Red, Yellow, and Green.

Traffic Rules in India

India is a country with a wide population, day by day the population keeps mounting. The growing population leads to an increase in the number of vehicles used by the people.

The roads in India are enclosed by assorted kinds of vehicles like buses, cars, trucks, motorcycles, autos, heavy-duty vehicles, etc., along with the pedestrians. And also shops and stalls by the roadside assemble with people. This sometimes leads to traffic jams. To encounter such problems, Traffic Rules are laid by the government.

The Set of laws to legalize traffic on roads was laid in the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. The act came into force on the 1st of July 1989 and it is unvaryingly applicable all through India.

Primary Significant Rules in India

  • Mandatory registration and insurance for all private and commercial vehicles are applicable.
  • A driving license is issued for adults on or above 18 years.
  • Fine and imprisonment for drinking and driving cases.
  • Mandatory Helmets and Seat belts.
  • Speed limit and Zebra crossing for the safety of people.
  • The intersection of vehicles while approaching, should be made way through the right side.
  • Condition certificate for all the vehicles is applicable.
  • Inappropriate parking is prohibited.

Traffic Signals and their Importance

Traffic signals are the devices that are installed on roads at intersections and pedestrian crossings. Intersections are the vital junctions where diverse roads meet at a point. The traffic flow is unfettered, which may lead to accidents and elongated traffic shove. The traffic lights set up in the signals are the means of instructor for the correct way for the vehicles to move. Signals set up near the pedestrian crossing help the alternative movement for people when vehicles pause. Traffic lights are the 3 colors that are vertically displayed. Red, yellow, and green.

  • Red indicates Stop.
  • Yellow indicates Slow down the vehicle.
  • Green indicates Move.

Manual signals are of various types using hand gestures. The regulations of the traffic are controlled by the traffic police who directs people in stop signal, slow down signal, move signal, right turn signal, left turn signal, u-turn signal, etc.,

Traffic Rules Responsiveness

People should be responsible, obey and follow the rules and regulations laid by the authorities. Disobeying the rules lead to injuries and the cost of death. The let goes attitude is not encouraged, never jump the signals. Traffic rules are for our safety.

Educate People About Traffic Rules

  • Schools must endow with proper awareness to the students on traffic rules and traffic signals.
  • People must be educated about their responsibilities.
  • Strict actions must be laid down by the government for the drunk and driving cases.
  • Over speed and parking prohibitions should be taken action.
  • The zero-tolerance act should be laid by the government.

Traffic Rules: Images

Stop Breaking Traffic Rules No Helmet Case Traffic Rules Traffic Board Signs

Conclusion: Several accidents take place now and then in our Country. A few minutes of patience and responsibility towards the situation may erase all the worst incidents that happen around us.

The worst situation either cost our lives or others’ life.
Follow Traffic Rules for better and happy living.
“People are waiting for you at your homes”.

  • Start Early
  • Drive Slowly
  • Reach safely

Essay on Traffic Rules for Students and Children | PDF Download

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