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Essay on Summer Vacation

Herewith, We have composed a Summer Vacation Essay for Students and Children. So the Students and Children of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 can refer to this complete article to perform well in their competitions, class assignments, and comprehensive tasks at per their convenience.

Long Essay on Summer Vacation

The Word Summer Vacation brings great joy in students’ and Children’s minds, Though it is the hottest season of the year students and children love it the most because they get freedom from their daily routine. On summer vacations children get wings to enjoy because there is no need to go to school, to listen to classes, to do homework, etc.,

Summer Vacation is a pleasant time for kids and students as they get a chance to do a lot of things such as playing various games, eating ice cream, surfing, singing, and trying out different hobbies.

In India, almost all schools and colleges Annual exams end in mid-April, and schools and colleges remain close due to high temperatures. So the Summer vacation starts for the students and children. Summer vacation is the most awaited, interesting, and enjoyable time for the students as they get relax from their studies for a short time. But students are not away from learning during summer vacation as they are given some holiday assignments or tasks by the teachers and those assignments are submitted when schools are get reopened.

Children visit various places in Summer Vacation:

We know that Summer Vacation is a holiday period which is the middle of the summer. Due to high temperature, students and children don’t want to spend their time watching TV at home, In indeed they are delighted by going to various cool places such as Shape Up Kids -New Delhi, Anibrain School of Media Design- Pune, Melange Academy-Bengaluru, Robot Summer Camp-Chennai, Frolic Boonies- multiple places, Kshitij World-Mumbai, etc., of their interest.

Summer Vacation is not just a holiday season for the students but it’s the season for the children to enjoy. Many children go to their grandma’s or native village or homeland to spend and enjoy their time with cousins, relatives, and childhood friends and enjoy their own time by doing different things.

During Summer Vacation, there is no burden or tension of going to school, studying, and writing exams. In fact to say, When I was in my schooling I used to wait for summer holidays, not for the results of the annual exams but to go to my grandma’s village and spend my time with my relatives and to play with my childhood friends. Summer Vacation is an enjoyable period for the children. Cool evenings, clear sky, Beautiful trees, pleasant fields, etc., make our summer vacation more beautiful though there is a high degree temperature.

Children learn lots of things:

Summer Vacation is the best time for the children to learn lots of things and to bring out the hidden talents in the students apart from education. Summer holidays are the relaxation time for the students to get rid of the routine throughout the year. Children learn various things during summer vacation such as swimming, dancing, singing, skating, martial arts, painting, crafts, baking, etc.,

Summer Vacation is a valuable and exciting time for the students. Students can develop physically and mentally during this summer vacation. Children who are weak in English, maths, or any other subject can regain momentum well in the meantime. Many sports camps and educational camps are organized during the summer season to develop the children’s mental and physical abilities.

Millions of students around the world think themselves ” what do I have to do during this free time apart from watching tv and playing games” The following are the productive things that students and children can learn during summer Vacation:

  • Watch educational youtube videos
  • Watch documentaries
  • Learn a new language
  • Improve your Physical health
  • Learn a new skill (Public speaking, cooking, drawing, positive- thinking, etc.,)
  • Take an online course
  • Improve your vocabulary
  • Improve your writing skills
  • Learn time management skill
  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Martial Arts
  • Painting
  • Craftwork
  • Baking

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Conclusion: In this Summer Vacation Essay for Students and Children in English, I want to conclude that Summer vacation is a relaxation season for every student. Children want to delight themselves by going to various places but due to this Covid-19 pandemic, we can’t enjoy summer vacation as we used to do. Instead of it you can enjoy your summer vacation and learn new things as mentioned above by safely staying at home.

Summer Vacation Essay for Students and Children | PDF Download

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