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Essay on Soil Pollution

Soil Pollution Essay for Students and Children: Soil Pollution is the part of land pollution where the top layer of the soil gets damaged or altered. Soil pollution arises due to human activities done by human beings. Pollution of soil is referred to as the mixing up of chemicals or the non-dissolving impurities in the soil. The contaminants mixed up with soil will reduce the nutrition level. Once the soil is gets polluted then it is not useful for cultivation or any other activities. Similarly, the below soil pollution essay contains the causes, effects, and what are prevention steps, and much more information.

Long Essay on Soil Pollution

Soil is the thin layer formed by the organic and inorganic material and it covers the rock layers of the Planet Earth. This layer forms by adding up the organic and inorganic materials on the top layers. It took millions of years to form the layer which was available now. All the climatic conditions touch the bedrocks which help to form the thin layer of soil. As the technology was increasing day by day where the activities are processing with help of the environment. In this way of utilizing the pollution was happening to the essential needs of humans. Soil pollution was also caused due to the various human activities and mixing up of contaminants into thin layers. Contaminants inbalances the organic nature of the soil like chemical strength, salts, radioactive and toxic compounds. Improper discharge of industrial waste storing on the earth surface, Using of fertilizers & pesticides, storing heavy contents like petrol, diesel, heavy metals, etc. These are ways to cause soil pollution.

Municipal waste, Food processing waste, Plastic contents, mining methods are also some of the sources to cause soil pollution. The farming sector had a high role in leading to the rising of soil pollution. Fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals are used for increasing soil fertility but in turn, it reduces the physicochemical properties of soil. Researching, Construction, Explosions, Lab waste, Hospital waste, and many more go deep into the soil for long period and bought out the soil pollution. However, there are some solution steps to reduce it. Proper treating of chemicals, using urea and organic thing to increase the cultivation level and many more should be encouraged to reduce soil pollution.

Causes and Effects

Soil is the uppermost layer of the Planet Earth. The importance of soil is to sustain the lives of the plants and all other living beings to live on it. Soil is the thin layer that is formed with a combination of both organic and inorganic contents. Where the organic contents are formed by the plants and animals that died in the past, where inorganic are the hard inorganic rocks. As humans are using the environment for developing the technologies were in this process nature was mixing with the contaminants. The adding up of contaminants is called pollution. Soil pollution was caused due to the mixture of toxic chemicals in it which pollutes the soil.

Causes of Soil Pollution

Causes of Soil pollution majorly with the human activities that are now done by the people. These causes damages and imbalances in the organic contents of the soil and tend to be useless. The adding of impurities called toxic chemicals will combine with the soil and pollute the soil from the inside of the soil layer. There are even some natural calamities that cause soil pollution. Where this soil pollution is a part of land pollution. But the natural causes are limited in number but the man-made cause is high in number and is done every day by humans.

The activities that cause soil pollution are storing contaminated water on the land surface, improperly treated sewage waste stored on the land surface will damage the soil. Underground storage tanks, petroleum contents, Pesticides, Solid Waste dumping, Deforestation are some of the human-made activities. Humans to improve the research dig into the layers and stay for some time which even cause soil pollution. Some of the needed activities like mining, construction, fertilizers in farming also had a great part in polluting the soil.

Effects of Soil Pollution

The effects of soil pollution are mainly imbalances in the biological nature of the soil. Soil Pollution is harmful to the growth of plants and animals. It directly affects the metabolism of microorganisms and leads to the end. Soil pollution will affect the human in the food chains and raise the demand for food. These fertilizers, pesticides, weedicides improve the growth of the soil for the cultivation of the present. But it slowly mismatches the contents like salts, radioactive elements, and many more issues. The top layer of the land is the soil which is only useful to sustain the lives on the planet earth. Further below layers are not useful for living beings to run their daily routine.

Prevention Steps of Soil Pollution

Soil pollution can be prevented by following various ways like improving reforestation for the development of soil contents. Sewage should be treated properly and then can be stored on the land surface. In the agricultural sector organic ways like using ureas and others in place of pesticides and fertilizers. While storing any liquid chemical underground make sure to store it properly without leaks in the soil. Petroleum contents should not be allowed to flow on the ground and do not mix with the soil. Finally, all the possible ways should be followed by human beings to control pollution and make the soil to help for the further generation of planet Earth.

Conclusion: Soil is essential for the need of living beings to live their lives on Earth. Humans should follow all the prevention steps and not encourage the causes in their daily routine. As the human being is responsible for occurring of soil pollution and all other pollution. The time arises that all human beings should concentrate on saving the environment and balancing the environmental conditions. The technology should be developed for reducing pollution and use for improving the drawbacks made by human beings.

We believe that the above essay on soil pollution contains the causes, effects, and solution steps to reducing the pollution. These essays are useful for Aspirants of UPSC & SSC, Students for exams and competitions.

Soil Pollution Essay for Students and Children | PDF Download

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