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Save Trees Essay

Save Trees Essay for Students and Children: Trees are the main part of balancing the environment and play an indispensable role in the environment and its conditions. The major use of trees is to provide oxygen to the living beings on earth. Various other activities play by trees in the Environment. But by the needs of humans and help the daily routine the trees are getting decreased due to deforestation. However, the trees are rich in Foreset, Hills, and Mountains. As the need for land for humans, occupying of forests are taking place ie clearing of trees. Similarly, the below Save Trees Essay contain all the basic information about causes, hazards to the environment, Solution To Save Trees, and much more information. The quotes on Save Trees are listed further below in the article.

Short Essay on Save Trees Save Life

Trees are the lifeline for all the living beings in the environment. A huge part of the environment is run by the trees and their products. The major product that is useful from trees is oxygen, where it generates oxygen by consuming carbon dioxide. On the other hand, trees give wood, gum, timber, paper, food, latex, etc. However, these provide shelter for many wild animals and humans. So for all the needs of humans like the need for land, the trees were being cut which resulted in to decrease in trees. As the trees are important for balancing the environment and the climatic conditions but with the decrease in the count. As the result, it tends to improper climatic conditions and a decrease in oxygen level gives rise to saving trees. However, the cutting of trees for human needs will not be an issue until parallel planting of trees is happen.

Save Trees in today’s environment is the same as the save lives, because of the need for oxygen for living beings. Trees produce oxygen by accepting carbon dioxide in the photosynthesis process. As the trees provide medicine for the human being with its decrease there is a raise of chemical as medicine which can damage the health. As the deforestation hikes which lead to the decrease of trees and increase global warming. However, trees even purify the water and increase soil erosion also. So there are only advantages with trees and helps for the environment, for the living lives the only solution is to Save Trees. They help for a healthy environment and improve the lives on earth.

Trees are the lungs of the world and the environment. Trees play a necessary role in controlling the environment and climatic conditions. Trees are the producers of oxygen which are required for the existence of living beings in the environment. These help in maintaining or stabilizing the health of the environment and purifying the atmosphere. Trees help everyone and every life in either a direct or indirect way to continue their lives or presence in the environment. Trees are most useful for human beings and reach the needs of humans and the environment. Trees will never expect anything back and provide various needs for all living beings and the ecosystem.

Cause To Save Trees

The world cannot be an image without Trees because it is the only need for the existence of lives. So why does the situation of Save Trees arise in the present world and generation? As the trees have existed before the birth of the human. After humans came into the world, our Planet Earth started using trees for the need of food and shelter. As the intelligence of humans started increasing day by day to fulfill their needs they started cutting the trees. The main reason to cut the trees in the starting days is for the needs of land for the shelter of the human separately. Then later many new things were discovered from the trees and their parts. As the need was increased the count of the trees decreased and tends to save trees for the environment.

Trees are useful for the environment and majorly for humans. The trees for the environment stable the climatic conditions, purify the pollutions, consumes the carbon dioxide, bring rains and improve water cycle, etc. There are more advantages for the environment by the trees. Whereas for humans it provides essential resources like oxygen and food. There are many other useful products for humans are wood, timber, gum, latex, shelter, etc. For providing all these necessities the trees are removing. However, using products from trees is not an issue but removing or cutting trees leads the damage.

Hazards to Environment

Photosynthesis is the process done by the trees where it gives the worthy oxygen by taking the carbon dioxide. As the carbon dioxide will raise the temperatures globally which lead to damages like the melting of Antarctica, holes in the ozone layer, It can affect the discovery of new herbal medicines, It destroys the habitat of animals and birds and many more.

Steps for Saving Trees

However, there are only advantages of the trees to the environment and its cleaning and human body purifying. We know that the lungs purify the blood in the human body if the air was not supplied to the body then it leads to an end. Trees give out only the needed aspects of the environment and in return don’t expect anything. As the proper plantation will be the only solution for the save trees and reduce the needs of humans by trees.

The cause of the rising of Save Trees is humans and some natural disasters. But the trees help in every part of daily routine and even for the existence of life. Save trees will help to increase the number of trees on the earth and help the environment to be healthy for future generations. Cutting of trees will never arise the save trees but improper balancing ratios arises these and parallel harms the nature. The ecosystem and environment can be safe and useful until the trees present at a large amount. So Save Trees Save Life Save World for the further coming days on Planet Earth. If people cannot plant or help in improving then they should depend on and harm the trees.

Quotes on Save Trees

  • Cutting down a tree is like cutting down your supply of oxygen.
  • When trees burn, they leave the smell of heartbreak in the air.
  • Trees are poems that earth writes upon the sky, We fell them down and turn them into paper, That we may record our emptiness.
  • To exist as a nation, to prosper as a state, to live as a people, we must have trees.
  • People who will not sustain trees will soon live in a world that will not sustain people
  • Planting a tree is much better than wearing a mask to be safe from pollution.
  • Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago
  • Don’t dig your own grave. Stop deforestation.
  • Reversing deforestation is complicated; planting a tree is simple.
  • Trees are vital. Without them, the earth would be fatal.

We believe that Save Trees Essay contains all the basic and needed information and helps for motivating people. The above Essay On Saving Trees will be helpful for the students at exams and the aspirants of UPSC.

Save Trees Essay for Students and Children | PDF Download

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