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Essay on Prevention of Global Warming

Prevention of Global Warming Essay for Students and Children: Prevention of Global warming refers to the saving steps to nature and enriching the environmental conditions. Global Warming increases the temperature at a higher rate and destroys the environment present on Planet Earth. Whereas in present days Global Warming is one of the topmost environmental issues before the world. Prevention steps will develop the environment and cover the damage happening from the past. Similarly, the below Prevention of Global Warming Essay contains all the steps to heal the environmental damage and much
more information.

Small Essay on Prevention Steps for Global Warming

Global Warming destroys nature and branches of nature easily but building nature is very difficult. Global Warming was done by humans and their activities majorly. Human sustains their needs by encouraging harmful activities for nature and the environment. These activities cause global warming and a rise in the Earth’s temperature. However, nature can be built up again even after the destruction happened. There are some prevention steps for reducing Global Warming and parallel increasing environmental growth. The first reduction step is to reduce the level of carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide will reduce with reforestation and planting of trees, reducing the use of vehicles, reduce the release of harmful gases from industries. As the plants consume more carbon dioxide and release the needed oxygen for the people. People should use more public transport than individual transport where a lot of carbon dioxide was released.

Usage of Solar Energy rather than production with the combustion of Coal, preparation of manure rather than burning of solid waste are some prevention steps. Reuse and Recycle products should be encouraged in the usages of people in their daily routine. Proper and efficient usage of electricity and appliances must be followed by people in the household will be a prevention step for reducing global warming. Less usage of A.C and Refrigerators and many more prevention steps need to follow by humans. These steps will pause the destroying activities of nature and enrich the nature growth useful for the presence of living beings on Earth.

Long Essay on Global Warming Prevention Measures

Global Warming Prevention is needed for the environmental issues around the world and global conditions which needs an endpoint. It rises the temperatures globally and affects the environment parallelly on living beings. The living being should have adaptable climatic conditions to complete their daily routine. This increase in temperature brings up trouble for people, animals, and birds. Some of the species are endangered with the rise in global warming levels. However, the prevention steps are present in the environment to regain back the old atmosphere and rich nature. Prevention Steps can be adaptable by the people in their daily routine for environmental welfare.

Reforestation and Public Transport

There are several prevention steps to reduce global warming and even improve the environment and climatic conditions. Global Warming leads to temperature rise by the increasing level of carbon dioxide in nature. For reducing the level of carbon dioxide reforestation and planting of trees should happen all over the world. Similarly, deforestation should not take place and all the needs of plants should think of an alternative method. Usage of private transport must be reduced as the combustion of petrol or diesel exposes carbon dioxide and many harmful gases into the environment. To overcome these issues electrical vehicles or public transport should be encouraged.

Usage of Solar Energy

As the world was running with electricity and the whole day of the human was running with the help of power. For this electricity generation, huge coal will burn and produce the electricity will take place. As coal is one fossil fuel and rich with carbon contents while it was burnt huge carbon dioxide was released. For this, the prevention step is to encourage the usage of Solar energy and proper usage of electricity and home appliances. As every household works as the alternative natural free process, so people should inculcate those steps and reduce the global from the household itself.

The other prevention steps to reduce global warming are using composite pits, recycling plastics, Reducing greenhouse gases emission, and many other eco-friendly ways. By following these prevention steps there are advantages for all the living beings on earth. These prevention steps are even helpful for reducing the other pollutions like water, air, soil, noise and makes the natural environment friendly. As the decrease in temperature leads to cover the holes of ozone and pause the melting of ice in Antarctica.

As the world and environment are facing the issues, it was the right time to follow these prevention steps. These prevention activities of global warming reduce the carbon dioxide level and increase the oxygen level and purify humans from inside. These prevention steps even help to reduce the health issues of people and increase the life span. With the steps, the environment will develop which helps the further generation to stay safe and live with peace and enjoy nature. Endangered species and plant types are even reduced and present in the next generation and help the needs of living beings.

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Conclusion: These steps are needed to inculcate in the lives of human beings and daily routine should not contain any global warming causing activities. Even now if the prevention steps are applied in the environment it will lead to the hard condition of the future Earth. All the prevention steps need for improving the nature and amount of greenery which builds a healthy future environment. So it is the responsibility of the people should heal the happened damage and follow eco-friendly ways for the welfare of a better future. Awareness in people will bring up prevention in daily life. Advertisements, Posters, Competitions, Campaigns, Camps are very helpful for reaching and preaching to the people to follow the steps.

Prevention of Global Warming Essay for Students and Children | PDF Download

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