NCERT Class 8 Social Studies Book PDF Download

NCERT Class 8 Social Studies Book

NCERT Class 8 Social Studies Book Download PDF: Social Science is an essential subject like other major subjects such as Maths, Science, as the student learns about society, Geography, and History. The subject of Social studies deals with human beings, their behavior, growth, their relations, and the Society in which they are living. The experts of the Class 8 NCERT Social Studies subject have designed the concepts with simple and understandable language so the students can grasp the concepts with ease.

NCERT Class 8 Social Studies is sub-divided into three parts i.e.,

  1. Geography (Resource and development which deals with land, agriculture, forestry, minerals, and water)
  2. Civics (social and political life– III)
  3. History (Our Pasts – III) (Part 1 & 2): you can download the NCERT class 8 social studies book pdf from the below links.

NCERT Class 8 Social Studies Book – Details

Name of the OrganizationNational Council of Education Research & Training
ClassClass 8
Subject NameSocial Studies
MediumsEnglish, Hindi

NCERT Class 8 Social Studies | English Medium

Chapters in English mediumDownload links
Chapter 1:ResourcesClick Here
Chapter 2:Land, Soil, Water, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife ResourcesClick Here
Chapter 3:Mineral and Power ResourcesClick Here
Chapter 4:AgricultureClick Here
Chapter 5:IndustriesClick Here
Chapter 6: Human ChapterClick Here
Unit One: The Indian Constitution and Secularism
Chapter 1:The Indian ConstitutionClick Here
Chapter 2: Understanding SecularismClick Here
Unit Two: Parliament and the Making of Laws
Chapter 3:Why do we need a Parliament?Click Here
Chapter 4: Understanding LawsClick Here
Unit Three: The Judiciary
Chapter 5:JudiciaryClick Here
Chapter 6:Understanding Our Criminal Justice SystemClick Here
Unit Four: Social Justice and the Marginalised
Chapter 7:Understanding MarginalisationClick Here
Chapter 8:Confronting MarginalisationClick Here
Unit Five: Economic Presence of the Government
Chapter 9:Public FacilitiesClick Here
Chapter 10:Law and Social JusticeClick Here
chapter 1:How, When, and WhereClick Here
Chapter 2:From Trade to TerritoryClick Here
Chapter 3:Ruling the CountrysideClick Here
Chapter 4:Tribals, Dikus and the Vision of a Golden AgeClick Here
Chapter 5:When People RebelClick Here
Chapter 6:Weavers, Iron Smelters, and Factory OwnersClick Here
Chapter 7: Civilising the “Native”, Educating the NationClick Here
Chapter 8: Women, Caste and ReformClick Here
Chapter 9:The Making of the National Movement: 1870s – 1947Click Here
Chapter 10:India after IndependenceClick Here

NCERT Books For Class 8 Social Studies | Hindi medium

We are providing direct access to the students to download the NCERT class 8 Social Studies pdf for free in the Hindi medium also. So you can download by clicking on the following links.

Chapters in Hindi mediumDownload links
भूगोल (संसाधन एवं विकास)
अध्याय 1: संसाधनClick Here
अध्याय 2: भूमि, मृदा, जल, प्राकृतिक वनस्पति और वन्य जीवन संसाधनClick Here
अध्याय 3: खनिज और शक्ति संसाधनClick Here
अध्याय 4: कृषिClick Here
अध्याय 5: उद्योगClick Here
अध्याय 6: मानव संसाधनClick Here
सामाजिक एवं राजनितिक जीवन – III
इकाई एक: भारतीय संविधान और धर्मनिरपेक्षता
अध्याय 1: भारतीय संविधानClick Here
अध्याय 2: धर्मनिरपेक्षता की समझClick Here
इकाई दो: संसद तथा कानूनों का निर्माण
अध्याय 3: हमें संसद क्यों चाहिए?Click Here
अध्याय 4: कानूनों के समझClick Here
इकाई तीन: न्यायपालिका
अध्याय 5: न्यायपालिकाClick Here
अध्याय 6: हमारी आपराधिक न्याय प्रणालीClick Here
इकाई चार: सामाजिक न्याय और हाशिये की आवाज़ें
अध्याय 7: हाशियाकरण की समझClick Here
अध्याय 8: हाशियाकरण से निपटनाClick Here
इकाई पाँच: आर्थिक क्षेत्र में सरकार की भूमिका
अध्याय 9: जनसुविधाएँClick Here
अध्याय 10: कानून और सामाजिक न्यायClick Here
इतिहास (हमारे अतीत – III) (भाग १ और भाग २)
पाठ 1: कैसे, कब और कहाँClick Here
पाठ 2: व्यापार से साम्राज्य तक कंपनी की सत्ता स्थापित होती हैClick Here
पाठ 3: ग्रामीण क्षेत्र पर शासन चलानाClick Here
पाठ 4: आदिवासी, दिकू और एक स्वर्ण युग के कल्पनाClick Here
पाठ 5: जब जनता बग़ावत करती है 1857 और उसके बादClick Here
पाठ 6: बुनकर, लोहा बनाने वाले और फैक्ट्री मालिकClick Here
पाठ 7: “देशी जनता” को सभ्य बनाना राष्ट्र को शिक्षितClick Here
पाठ 8: महिलाएँ, जाति एवं सुधारClick Here
पाठ 9: राष्ट्रीय आंदोलन का संघटनClick Here
पाठ 10: स्वतंत्रता के बादClick Here

We hope that the above provided direct links for NCERT class 8 Social Studies Text Book PDF in both English and Hindi mediums are useful for the students who are preparing for their exams as the essential concepts are included in NCERT Class 8 Social Studies Textbook from the exam point of view so the Students Can Score well in their Exams. ‘Keep Visiting’ our website Schools.Freshersnow.Com for more regular updates.

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