NCERT Class 3 EVS Book PDF Download

NCERT Class 3 EVS Book

NCERT Class 3 EVS Book PDF Download: The full form of EVS is Environmental Studies. Class 3 NCERT Evs Book provides insight knowledge about our environment. So the students can understand the problems inculcated (included) in our Environment and they learn how to conserve (save/ protect) our Environment from their childhood.

NCERT Class 3 EVS textbook titled ‘Looking Around’ which contains 24 chapters i.e., Poonam’s Day Out, The Plant Fairy, Water ‘O’ water, Our first School, etc. all the essential concepts are covered in NCERT Class 3 EVS Book to create awareness about the importance of Our Environment in the student’s minds. So the students can download the Evs NCERT Class 3 Book for free by clicking on the below-given links.

NCERT Class 3 EVS Book – Details

Name of the OrganizationNational Council of Education Research & Training
ClassClass 3
Subject NameEVS – Environmental Studies
MediumsEnglish, Hindi

NCERT EVS Book For Class 3 Chapter-Wise Download in English Medium

Chapters in English MediumDownload links
Chapter 1: Poonam’s Day outClick Here
Chapter 2: The Plant FairyClick Here
Chapter 3: Water O’ Water!Click Here
Chapter 4: Our First SchoolClick Here
Chapter 5: Chhotu’s HouseClick Here
Chapter 6: Foods We EatClick Here
Chapter 7: Saying without SpeakingClick Here
Chapter 8: Flying HighClick Here
Chapter 9: It’s RainingClick Here
Chapter 10: What is CookingClick Here
Chapter 11: From Here to ThereClick Here
Chapter 12: Work We DoClick Here
Chapter 13: Sharing Our FeelingsClick Here
Chapter 14: The Story of FoodClick Here
Chapter 15: Making PotsClick Here
Chapter 16: Games We PlayClick Here
Chapter 17: Here comes a LetterClick Here
Chapter 18: A House Like ThisClick Here
Chapter 19: Our Friends – AnimalsClick Here
Chapter 20: Drop by DropClick Here
Chapter 21: Families can be DifferentClick Here
Chapter 22: Left-RightClick Here
Chapter 23: A Beautiful ClothClick Here
Chapter 24: Web of LifeClick Here

NCERT Class 3 Book For EVS | Hindi Medium

A student who is looking for Class 3 NCERT EVS Book Pdf in Hindi medium can download now by clicking on the below provided links.

NCERT Class 3 Evs Book Chapter-Wise Download in Hindi Medium

Chapters in Hindi MediumDownload links
Chapter 1: डाल-डाल पर, ताल-ताल परClick Here
Chapter 2: पौधों की परीClick Here
Chapter 3: पानी रे पानीClick Here
Chapter 4: हमारा पहला स्कूलClick Here
Chapter 5: छोटू का घरClick Here
Chapter 6: खाना अपना-अपनाClick Here
Chapter 7: बिन बोले बातClick Here
Chapter 8: पंख फैलाएँ, उड़ते जाएँClick Here
Chapter 9: बादल आए, बारिश लाएClick Here
Chapter 10: पकाएँ, खाएँClick Here
Chapter 11: यहाँ से वहाँClick Here
Chapter 12: काम अपने-अपनेClick Here
Chapter 13: छूकर देखेंClick Here
Chapter 14: कहाँ से आया, किसने पकायाClick Here
Chapter 15: आओ बनाएँ बर्तनClick Here
Chapter 16: खेल-खेल मेंClick Here
Chapter 17: चिट्ठी आई हैClick Here
Chapter 18: ऐसे भी होते है घरClick Here
Chapter 19: हमारे साथी जानवरClick Here
Chapter 20: बूँद-बूँद सेClick Here
Chapter 21: तरह-तरह के परिवारClick Here
Chapter 22: दायाँ-बायाँClick Here
Chapter 23: कपड़ा सजा कैसेClick Here
Chapter 24: जीवन का जालClick Here

We hope that the direct links for NCERT Class 3 Evs Book PDF in both English and Hindi languages which are provided above is useful for the students to have good knowledge about our environment, to understand the problems emerging in our environment, and to learn measures to conserve our environment from their initial schooling. And to get all the latest news and notifications, keep checking our site Schools.Freshersnow.Com.

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