NCERT Class 2 Maths Book PDF Download

Ncert Maths Textbook for class2

NCERT Class 2 Maths Book PDF Download: National Council For Education Research & Training (NCERT) is responsible for textbook Publishing and Distribution. The NCERT Class 2 Maths Textbooks are available in the Online Mode for Free PDF Download. Students who want to download the Textbooks of NCERT class 2 can download from the below provided links. Basics are the Strong foundation for the Children. The NCERT Class 2 Maths PDF Books are very easy to learn and the Textbooks Contains the Number of Additions, Multiplications, and the basics of Maths. The Pictorials used in the Textbooks will interact with the Students mind And make them learn more Concepts interestingly.

NCERT Class 2 Maths Book PDF Download

ContentsNCERT Maths Class 2 Books
MediumEnglish, Hindi, Urdu Medium
BooksMath Magic, Ganit Ka Jadu, Riyazi Ka Jadu

NCERT Textbooks For Class 2 Maths

And the Pictorials and the Representation in the textbooks will make the students think and analyze the Concepts which helps to develop thinking ability skills. the Text has been prepared by the subject experts with tinder to their age. The NCERT Class 2 Maths Textbooks are as follows Math Magic, Ganit ka Jadu, which are the textbooks available for the Students in two different mediums Hindi and English as well. As the parents can also understand those interesting concepts which help to teach their children.

NCERT Class 2 Maths Book in English – Math Magic

Math Magic is the book of Maths prescribed by NCERT for the English medium.

NCERT Class 2 Maths Book in Hindi – Ganit Ka Jadu:-

Ganit Ka Jadu is the book of Maths prescribed by NCERT for the Hindi medium.

  • Chapter 1 – क्या है लंबा, क्या है गोल? – Click Here
  • Chapter 2 – गिनो मगर समूह में – Click Here
  • Chapter 3 – तुम कितना वज़न उठा सकते हो? – Click Here
  • Chapter 4 – दस-दस में गिनो  – Click Here
  • Chapter 5 – पैटर्न – Click Here
  • Chapter 6 – पैरों के निशान  – Click Here
  • Chapter 7 – जग और मग – Click Here
  • Chapter 8 – करो मज़े – दस के साथ – Click Here
  • Chapter 9 – मज़ेदार दिन – Click Here
  • Chapter 10 – अंक जोड़ो – Click Here
  • Chapter 11 – रेखाएँ ही रेखाएँ – Click Here
  • Chapter 12 – लेना और देना – Click Here
  • Chapter 13 – सबसे लंबा कदम – Click Here
  • Chapter 14 – आते पक्षी जाते पक्षी – Click Here
  • Chapter 15 –  कितनी चोटी हैं? – Click Here

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