NCERT Class 12 Chapter 12 Physics Atoms MCQ | Questions & Answers

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1. According to classical theory, the path of an electron in Rutherford atomic model is

2. If 13.6 eV energy is required to ionise the hydrogen atom, then energy required to remove an electron from n = 2 is

3. In the Geiger-Marsden scattering experiment, is case of head-on collision the impact parameter should be

4. Which of these is true?

5. Rutherford’s a-particle experiment showed that the atoms have

6. In Bohr’s model of an atom which of the following is an integral multiple of h2π?

7. Isobars have the same:

8. Which of the following is/are deduced from the Rutherford's scattering experiment?
(1) There are neutrons inside the nucleus.
(2) The sign of the charge of the nuclei is the same as the sign of alpha particles.
(3) Electrons are embedded in the nucleus.

9. Rutherford’s atomic model was unstable because

10. In Bohr’s model, the atomic radius of the first orbit is rQ. Then, the radius of the third orbit is