NCERT Class 11 Chapter 6 Physics Work, Energy and Power MCQ | Questions & Answers

NCERT Class 11 Chapter 6 Physics Work, Energy and Power MCQ | Questions & Answers: Here is a wonderful opportunity for the students of Class 11 where they can improve their knowledge regarding the Class 11 Chapter 6 Physics Work, Energy, and Power topic. Test yourselves with the below questions and learn about the correct answers so that you can improve and enhance your existing knowledge thoroughly.


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1. According to work-energy theorem, the work done by the net force on a particle is equal to the change in its

2. A light and a heavy body have equal momentum. Which one has greater K.E.?

3. Kinetic energy, with any reference, must be

4. Work done by a conservative force is positive if

5. The ...X... energy V(x) of the spring is said to be zero when block and spring system is in the ...Y... position. Here, X and Y refer to

6. Which of the following must be known in order to determine the power output of an automobile?

7. A vehicle is moving with a uniform velocity on a smooth horizontal road, then power delivered by its engine must be

8. How much water, a pump of 2 kW can raise in one minute to a height of 10 m, take g = 10 m/s2?

9. The engine of a vehicle delivers constant power. If the vehicle is moving up the inclined plane then, its velocity

10. A body projected vertically from the earth reaches a height equal to earth's radius before returning to the earth. The power exerted by the gravitational force is greatest