NCERT Class 11 Chapter 1 Physics Physical World MCQ | Questions & Answers

NCERT Class 11 Chapter 1 Physics Physical World MCQ | Questions & Answers: Make use of the Multiple Choice Questions & Answers that we have accommodated here with regards to the NCERT Class 11 Chapter 1 Physics Physical World concept. We hope the students find this article productive in learning about the Physics Chapter Physical World topic.

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1. Macroscopic domain includes

2. The man who is known as the Father of Experimental Physics is

3. The person who has been awarded the title of the Father of Physics of 20th century is

4. Science is exploring, ...x... and ...y... from what we see around us. Here, x and y refer to

5. The branch of science which deals with nature and natural phenomena is called

6. Assertion : The concept of energy is central to Physics and expression for energy can be written for every physical system.
Reason : Law of conservation of energy is not valid for all forces and for any kind of transformation between different forms of energy.

7. Which of the following is true regarding the physical science?

8. The scientific principle involves in production of ultra high magnetic fields is

9. Consider the following statements and select the correct statement(s).
I. Optics deal with the phenomena involving light.
II. Unification means physical phenomena in terms of few concepts and laws.
III. Macroscopic domain of Physics deals with the constitution and structure of matter at the minute scales of atoms and nuclei.

10. Match the Column I and Column II.

Column I Column II
(A) Johannes Kepler (1) Nuclear model of the atom
(B) Tycho Brahe (2) Planetary motion
(C) Nicolas Copernicus (3) Elliptical orbit theory
(D) Ernest Rutherford (4) Circular orbit theory