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Essay on Life on Mars

In this article, we are providing an essay on Life on Mars. Potential of Life on Mars, Dispute of Life on Mars, Images. Students can go through this page for more information on Life on Mars.

Life on Mars Essay for Students and Children

Mars is the fourth planet in our solar system. The geographical features are to a certain extent analogous to our earth. Mars is the planet after the earth. Mars is also called the red planet due to the presence of iron oxide in it.

One revolution of the planet mars around the sun takes 687 days to complete.

Earth is the only planet with the existence of life, for many centuries. Mars is the planet that the world has new exposure to Scientists and Astronomers are still in the process of research to discover or obtain a life on Mars.

There may be no existence on the planet as of now. But it is strongly believed that life on mars is possible.

“All the ingredients for life on mars exit”.

There are substantiations for, the subsistence of oxygen and water on Mars. This lay credence there are possibilities of life on Mars.

Potential of Life on Mars

Many are curious and excited to know “how life on mars exists”. If the existence is feasible we need to experience it. Mars is a planet that exhibits similar features to mother earth. Past billion years ago, mars and earth looked like. It has been confirmed by scientists and astronomers that mars once had a huge ocean. Water and magnetic fields protect the planet. The ocean present on mars is assumed to cover the planet’s facade, than that of the Earth’s oceans at present.

The researcher still believes that the water in the mars still exists. The water would be salty due to its environment and geography. As the result, it is assumed that the planet mars has the ecological environment to support existence.

Additionally, the planet mars was a lot of furnaces compared to the temperature now. The effective temperature and requirement of water are the key essentials for the existence of life. As the reason, it is said that the changes of life on mars were obtainable in the past on the planet. Existence on earth is promising in all the unsympathetic states of affairs. Life on earth is viable in all the farthest crooks. Irrespective of the warmth and frosty conditions. Life is probable even on the dry and hot deserts, and also the tremendously freezing Antarctica continent. Worth mentioning, this buoyancy of existence gives copiousness of expectation regarding life on Mars.

Dispute of Life on Mars

The atmosphere on mars mostly consists of carbon dioxide. The air on the planet is hundred times emaciated than the air compared to the planet earth. Consequently, it would be intricate for human beings to breathe on the red planet lacking a spacesuit crammed with oxygen. Animals and plants can’t escort life on the mars appropriate to gravity which is 38% of the earth. Besides, the low gravity can lead to vigor issues like muscle slaughter or bone demineralization. Mars has methane presence in it. None have the idea from where the chemical is emerging. For that reason, the likelihood comes to pass that methane occurrence is due to the existence of the microbes deep below the surface of the planet. It is assumed that there exists “refugee life” deep below the planet. The typical weather of mars is an additional considerable predicament. The cold is unmatched by the earth. The temperature of mars ranges between -87 degrees Celsius to -5 degrees Celsius. Whereas the coldest temperature on earth is -89.2 degrees Celsius in Antarctica. Water obtainable on the mars is underneath average than that of the earth. Even the deserts encompass more water than the mars.

Life on Mars: Images

Mars Landed Persons Images Mars Images Life on Mars Images

Conclusion: Life on Mars is the focus that has developed inquisitiveness among Scientists, Astronomers, Experts, and People. Survival of life on the mars involves many disputes and hindrances. Hope the planet mars become the second home for the existence of life.

Life on Mars Essay for Students and Children | PDF Download

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