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Essay on Global Warming

Global Warming Essay for Students & Children: What is Global Warming?. Global Warming refers to an increase in Global Temperatures or rises in temperatures. Global Warming was caused due to various ways of human needs. Humans started up using the environment and leading the damage to it. Global Warming is the latest issue that needs to get an end to the present and future environment. However, it exposes the great impact on the environment and climatic changes which cause trouble for the living creatures. Similarly, the below Global Warming Essay contains all the ways of causes, and how it impacts the environment, hazards for human lives, and much more information. Quotes on Global Warming are listed further below of the article.

Short Essay on Global Warming and its Issues

Global Warming is one of the environmental issues that troubling the lives of the people to sustain their lives. Humans or living beings are capable to exist their lives in the daily routine. As global warming will change the climatic conditions on earth. Global Warming will cause various human activities and some natural calamities or disasters. Human Activities like Deforestation, Burning of Waste or crops after cultivation, the Huge number of vehicles, Harmful Gases, etc. The main cause is also the Greenhouse effect. Some activities like Vehicles, Industries releases heavy and hot gases which get mixed up with the air in the environment. With deforestation, the level of carbon dioxide will increase and changes the climatic conditions.

One of the biggest and important damages or impacts on the environment by Global Warming is the Ozone layer Depletion and holes in the Ozone Layer. This impact is pure by global warming. The other impact of global warming is the melting of Antarctica which increases the sea level. As the Earth warms up the water drought can even cause to living beings. The human cannot sustain heavy temperatures, as temperatures are increasing the life of livings will be the problem. But for every problem there will be a solution similarly the Global Warming has ways to decrease it. Reforestation, public transport, reducing the use of industries, etc are the ways to heal global warming and the environment. Government and people should work together to develop ways to heal or reduce global warming for a healthy environment.

Long Essay on Global Warming

The gradual rise of overall temperature in the environment of planet Earth is referred to as Global Warming. Global Warming is one of the harmful to the environment and humans on earth. It had done and still doing great damage to worthy nature, natural resources, and the ecosystem. Climatic conditions are the main aspects to sustain the life of living beings on earth. The increase in the temperature of Earth directly impacts humans and natural resources like water. There are various causes for the obtain of global warming and parallelly damages the environment in various ways. However, in present days, it is the top board environmental issue to get solved for the further generation of lives and existence with the environment.

Causes of Global Warming

The causes of Global warming are both natural and man-made issues. Global warming was started before the existence of living beings on earth with natural disasters. The natural disaster which causes global warming is volcanic eruptions. By this, a great amount of carbon dioxide and ash is released into the atmosphere. Foreset fire will also release huge carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. They are nature cause is the Greenhouse gases, by this carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide are released into the atmosphere. Methane Gas is also a harmful gas that can lead to global warming. All these natural causes release carbon dioxide and its family which increases the temperature of the earth.

On another side, Human Causes are large in number but some of them had a huge role in causing the Earth’s warming. Some of them are Deforestation, Vehicles, Industries, Air conditioners, Refrigerators. There are still some causes that have a major role in obtaining Global warming. By deforestation, trees were removed, where the carbon dioxide was consumed. By this carbon dioxide will increase. Vehicles, Industries, A.Cs released hot air, and a high amount of carbon dioxide, harmful gases into the atmosphere. These combine with the atmosphere and tend to increase global temperature.

Effect of Global Warming

Human beings, Animals, Birds, Environment are getting affected by Global Warming. With the rise of temperature, the lives on Earth will be difficult to sustain. On the other side Environment was getting damaged and Holes in the Ozone layer are forming which is harmful to the living creatures on Earth. Similarly, the ice on the earth is getting melted and tends to increase sea levels. The parts of Antarctica, Ice land are already affected by the global warming present in today’s environment. With improper climatic conditions, Drought will also have the chance of occurring with an increase in global warming.

Solutions to Control Global Warming

However, there are solutions to stop global warming and cover the obtained temperature rises. Industrialization, Mining, Electricity production, Extraction of Oils must be reduced and find an alternative in its place. Liting of Waste should be changed to the recycling of products must be encouraged. Planting trees and reforestation can lead to a decrease in the level of carbon dioxide in the environment. Increasing the use of electric vehicles or public transport can help to stop a part of temperature as well as pollution also. So all these solutions must be followed by the people to heal the damage to the environment and decrease the Earth temperatures. Global Warming is with the activities of humans and some with natural disasters, so all the human ways of the solution must be followed by the people. These human solutions can balance the natural disasters that cause global warming. It cannot be reduced by one person or one country, every person on earth should feel responsible for reducing global warming and help to cover the damage that happens to the environment. It is responsible for the people of the present world to decrease the effects for the future world. Finally, it is solvable damage but it is in the hands and thinking of the people for further generations of lives.

Quotes on Global Warming

  • Global Warming isn’t a prediction. It is happening.
  • Global Warming is not a conqueror to kneel before- but a challenge to rise to. A challenge we must rise to.
  • Global Warming is no longer a philosophical threat. no longer a future threat, no longer a threat at all. It’s our reality.
  • Global Warming is real – it is man-made and it is an important problem. But it is not the end of the world.
  • The warning about global warming has been extremely clear for a long time. We are facing a global climate crisis. It is deepening. We are entering a period of consequences.

Conclusion: We believe that the above Global Warming Essay will help you at needed times and also to get aware of the damage that happened to the environment. Global Warming Essay hazards, causes, impacts will helpful for the students and aspirants of UPSC.

Global Warming Essay for Students and Children | PDF Download

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