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Short Essay on Work is Worship

This is a Short Essay on Work is Worship. Work is Worship is a famous proverb in English. Work should be treated as worship. The famous quote has a greater meaning in the inner sense. The work which we do should be treated as worship to God then only a person can gain a complete grip on the work and can also excel in the work. For a man to survive it is very important to work to fulfill the basic needs in his/her daily life. Life without any work is useless and does not have any sense of the meaning of life. The real pleasure of life is seen in the work which we do with the attention of our mind. A healthy work for a person makes to feel enjoyed with the work. Work is like worship and complete perfection in the work leads to achieving the targets.

God created humans with complete knowledge and skills so that a person is capable of any task in life. A person who practices the same work daily will get perfection in the work. Continuous work for a person will make a person handle the pressures and difficulties because of perfection. A person who waits for the chance for work becomes lazy and cannot work in any kind of situation in life. Hard work helps a person to see better results than before. People who do things differently with tricks help to reach higher positions in life. Systematic hard work makes a person excel in all parts of life. Hence, “Work is Worship” is made suitable for the man.

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Long Essay on Work is Worship

Here is the Long Essay on Work is Worship, which explains the real meaning of the word. “Work is Worship” is the famous proverb which is for the man-kind. It means that Work should be treated as Worship. Human beings can work in all the difficult situations in life. It is because of the needs and wants of a person. A person who wants to accomplish something in life with a targeted goal can work in any kind of situation even by crossing the hurdles in life. People full of struggles in their life treat the work as worship because of the pain they bear in their life.

Work is considered as the main cause of living for humans. A person without any work throughout his life is a waste defining no meaning for life. A person with full dedication to work is determined to the hard-working at work. Without any work in life cannot be treated as a successful person. A man in society is given respect for the work that he does in their life. The work of a person is measured in terms of hard work and output. The greater a person works can achieve the great position in life. A person with all the struggles in his
life treats work as worship.

Great personalities of today’s world are recognized by the work they do. The more they work for success the other they gain fame and popularity. Icons of the world have a greater significance by the way of their work. A person who is completely dedicated to working, automatically the success reaches them in their life.

For instance, if we take about the work of various fields we can understand the hardness in the work in a real sense. Each field has its significance in work so it depends on one another for complete progress. The output of the work is achieved when the work is completed with success. The pain of work when we do is seen in a few moments after the completion of work.

Today’s world is the best example of work. Every work that a person does is contributed to the nation in one or another way. The world recognizes a person by the work. A person with a concentration on work and completing the work with patience can see success in life. Sometimes, it is not easy to work then it depends on our capability can dedication. Hard work results very late when compared to simple work. It may take years together for hard work to achieve success. Hence, “Work is Worship,” tells the significance of work.

Work is Worship: Quotes

  • “‎A change of work is the best rest.”― Arthur Conan Doyle, The Sign of Four
  • “Any work is always improvable, you cannot finish the work, you can only abandon it out of tiredness or incompetence.”― Amit Kalantri
  • “Sometimes the loss from taking a wrong action is less than the loss from taking no action.”― Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words
  • “A tongue doesn’t get things done.”― Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words
  • “Worship the work, not the God, because work is God.”― Amit Kalantri

Work is Worship: Images

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Conclusion: The Essay on Work is Worship explains the inner sense of the work. It also explains the significance of work in everyone’s life.

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