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Water is an essential natural resource on the earth. Water covers the 3/4th part of the world. The water on the earth is not for completely drinking, based on the previous points, the essay on saving water is discussed below, with a lot of unique information. And to know some tips and ways continue reading this essay on saving water. Quotes on Save Water are also attached further below of the article.

Short essay on Water Conservation

As 70% of the earth is filled with water, but it is not completely useful for humans. In present days, there was a large scarcity of water for human life and other creatures on earth. Water is an essential part of every living thing on earth. Rivers, lakes, ponds, wells are the source of freshwater for human beings. As the population of the world increases day by day the water requirement is increasing. Every human being needs 3-4 liters of water on average every day. The availability of water on the earth is decreasing day by day because of the pollution, need for land, etc.

As the water demand is increasing day by day, we need to save and conserve water for daily life. Rains and groundwater are the most purified water on the land. As human needs are increasing, these needs are polluting the water on earth. . In present days the Saving water and utilizing water perfectly is a challenge for the people. Saving water is needed at present days will helpful for future generations. In the olden days, people get Freshwater for free as days are passed people are getting water for money. Pollution leads to global warming which results in less rainfall on earth and results in drought. If the utilization of water wasn’t in saving directions then wars arise for water between the people. Save Water Save life is a famous slogan for the conservation of water. People should open their eyes even now and start saving water for future generations.

Long essay on Water Conservation

Water is an important part of the living beings on earth. No living being and main humans can survive their life without water. This was known by every human around the world but will not save the water or conserve the water for needs. The daily routine of human life cannot complete with water. However, water is an essential natural resource on earth. Here the question arises that Earth was filled with 70% of water then why save water again?. As the earth is filled with 70% of water but only 3-4% of the water on earth is useful for the needs of human beings.

The saved water arises due to an improper ratio of demand for water and the presence of fresh or useful water. Every day a human being needs to consume 3-4 liters of water for good and proper health. Coming to fulfill the needs and drinking a person needs nearly 50 to 100 liters of water per day said to WHO. By this, we can imagine how many liters of water is needed for the whole people of the world per day, per month, per year. The water cycle is one of the ways that helps human beings to provide useful water in form of rain.

As the population of the world increased rapidly, humans started occupying the water bodies like rivers, ponds, lakes, etc for the need for land. By this area of land use to store the water is decreasing and the demand for water increases. There are only a few sources like rivers, lakes, ponds, groundwater, rains are providing the water for the people needs. As the area of storage is decreasing the use of groundwater is increasing and the level of groundwater is falling rapidly. As the industries, electric generation, manufacturing & food processing industries, agriculture are completely dependent on the water and leads to the water demand is moving at high speed.

If the people use the water at the same time if conserve the water the saved water will notarise. As there are several techniques to save water, but people will not follow any of the conservation ways. Rainwater harvesting is one of the water conservation techniques to store water for temporary needs. Digging the holes, increasing the depth of lakes and ponds, and some other techniques to increase the level of underground water and also over the earth. Some of the techniques of harvesting water are economically high but some can be done without economical efforts.

Why people are conserving water?. Most of the people who are not involved in the conservation process are due to a lack of awareness and some with the economically unfit. The government of the countries should bring up the rules like every house should allow the space for rainwater conservation and an easy way to move water into the underground to increase underground levels. Only governments cannot save water for the people, everyone should involve in saving water by digging pits in public places. There is already a scarcity of water for the agricultural needs, if the water was not enough provided to it then it leads to a decrease in cultivation and increase hunger.

The saving of Water cannot be fulfilled if the group or the individual was involved in the process. Every person on earth should feel responsible for saving water to the present also for future generations. As many of the health will arise and cures by the water. So people and governments should come together and work on all the techniques on conserving and proper utilization and all the possible ways. All NGOs and governments should educate the people by conducting the save water campaigns, Save water competitions for children, Save water posters and advertisements, and many more. The government should bill the people according to the utilization of water to bring out a part of the result in Save water.

Quotes on Water Conservation

  • How many drops make up an ocean? Conserve water; every drop counts.
  • You never know the worth of water until the well runs dry.
  • Save water, and it will save you.
  • A drop of water is worth more than a sack of gold to a thirsty man.
  • You can’t wash the waste from your hands When it’s all gone.
  • Save water today or tomorrow you’ll pay.
  • The power of a tap is that it can trap. Because water will run until it’s all gone
  • Not too late to save water’s fate
  • A river seems a magic thing. Magic, moving, living part of the very earth itself
  • Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.

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Essay on Water Conservation for Students and Children | PDF Download

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