Essay on Train Journey for Students and Children | PDF Download

Essay on Train Journey

Essay on Train Journey

The means of transport options that are contented for traveling stretched distance places. Journey by train is comfortable, fares are low, on time picking and dropping. The train journey is stirring, adventures, it is the inclusive experience of itself.

Trains are affordable for everybody. The best options for traveling are where you can relax, have a nap, meet new people, enjoy the beauty of nature, walk around.

The journey by train is never replaceable either by cars, buses, flights. The train journey may take stretched hours compared to other means of transport, but they are a joyous pleasure and immensely comfortable. Train journey introduces us to several people, diverse cultures, variety of foods by the local vendors. As the train crosses through various stations it gives a bunch of experiences to cherish.

Wonderful Experience

Since childhood, the train journey is an excitement. The window seat is the best entertainment either for long or short journeys. People never get bored by the journey. Every individual must at least once experience the journey in train.

Meet New People

We get to know many people during the train journey. The co-passengers are the companions in the traveling.

Communication keeps building and we get to know their cultures and gain knowledge on different aspects.

Pleasure to Eyes

The window seat is, in no way ending entertainment. The fresh breeze, mountains, people, plants are a pleasure to eyes. And bring the hidden love towards nature.


Journey by train is affordable to all. The charges are at reasonable prices, every category has its range. Either second class, reservations, first-class, AC, etc., have their prices. So that, anybody can travel based on their requirements.

My Train Journey with Family

My train journey with my family was a cherished experience. We all together were 20 members traveling to my uncle’s marriage. The journey was on track from Bangalore and wrecked at Guntur. It was a fun-filled and memorable journey.

Food was prepared at home by everybody. There were many varieties of items. Played cards, Songs, Kids were dancing, a lot of laughter, and never-ending talks. The compartment was filled with us.

The time spent will never be elapsed. Everything is an experience in life. Enjoy the present time. Train journey has both pros and cons.

Advantages of Train Journey

  • COMFORT FACTOR: On the train, there is more space, compared to other means of transport. It is spacious, people can sleep, relax, work with laptops.
  • LOW TICKET CHARGES: The price of the ticket charges are affordable to all. So, anybody can travel without any worries.
  • LUGGAGE ISSUE: There is no specified restriction for the luggage to be carried with the person. In flights, a restricted weight is allowed. Trains are the best mode for this factor.
  • BASIC NECESSITIES: A journey by train is the best for long-distance places. The accessibility of washrooms, food from vendors can make the travel peaceful.
  • EFFECTIVE USE OF TIME: Travel through train can be used to complete your pending tasks in a job, focus on reading if you’re attending any competitive exam and traveling for it.
  • SAFETY: Journey through trains is safer compared to buses and cars if passing by the hills and rives.

Disadvantages of Train Journey

  • SLOW MEANS OF TRANSPORT: Journey in train is time taking if compared to cars, buses, and flights. In critical situations, the train journey is a big no.
  • NON – AVAILABILITY OF SEATS: Reservations of tickets should be planned and done in advance. Immediate bookings are not possible. If the ticket is not vacant, general compartment seats are for all. This would be a problem.
  • UNTIDY ISSUES: Trains are not always clean. As many people are traveling every day the environment gets dirty, they are not cleaned regularly. Even the toilets stink some times. Irregular cleaning may lead to bacteria, which causes infection.

Conclusion: The Train journey is a distinctive journey of its kind. Experience from the journey is unmatchable. In spite, of the cons, it is available and affordable for all. People are more reliant on this means of transport.

Essay on Train Journey for Students and Children | PDF Download

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