Essay on Traffic Jam for Students and Children | PDF Download

Essay on Traffic Jam

Essay on Traffic Jam

The circumstances where the vehicles are clogged absolutely, either for a long or short period of time. Vehicles are jam-packed, where the congestion of vehicles arises. This is the perpetual concern faced by all of the cities and people. Traffic jam is the intense number of vehicles in a queue or jumbled between each other especially near Bus stops, Schools, Railway crossing during peak hours. It is the problem faced in cities on a daily basis. Enlarged quantity of vehicles causes Traffic Jam. If we complain about a traffic jam, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Causes of Traffic Jam

  • GROWTH IN POPULATION: Increase in the growth of population day by day need amenities for the fulfillment of their necessities. Necessities are attained only when people progress. An increase in the number of people increases the number of vehicles.
  • NARROW ROADS: Some roads are not wide enough, for progress in more number of
    vehicles. This narrow road accumulates vehicles, they get stuck by one another. Thus, the situation causes traffic jams.
  • CONTRAVENTION OF RULES: Some people, disobey the traffic rules. The laws are not followed in signals. The violation of rules directs to traffic jams.
  • WEATHER CONDITIONS: The sudden change in weather. Sometimes, rain pours heavily and water gets accumulated, vehicles get stuck inroads. This escort to traffic jam.
  • UNUSUAL EVENTS: This refers to special occasions like marriages, parties, festivals,
    shopping. More number of vehicles roots traffic jam.
  • ACCIDENTS / EMERGENCIES: In particular cases like emergencies and accidents, people make may for the particular vehicle. As vehicles stop, the traffic encounters.
  • UNPROFESSIONAL SKILLS: People who are not completely aware of driving, bump up on roads causing traffic jams.

Effects of Traffic Jam

The effects of traffic jams can be classified into 3 types.

  • SOCIAL: The social effects leads to a reduction in the speed of transport. Time is consumed to reach the destination. Road and Rail networks are overloaded.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL: Air Pollution leads to asthma and breathing problems. The ozone layer is affected. Causes Noise pollution. Wastage of Fuel.
  • ECONOMIC: Progress of the nation is harmed. Consumption of time directly affects the economy.

Preventive Measures to Solve Traffic Jam

  • The effective way to cut back traffic jams is the use of public transport by people.
  • Educate and encourage others to use cycles, motorcycles, metro trains.
  • Strict Rules and regulations should be imposed by the government.
  • When people disobey rules mandatory action should be taken.
  • Proper and constant traffic signals should be implemented.
  • Improvement of roads should be implemented.
  • Narrow and dreadful roads should be implemented with good infrastructure.
  • People who own vehicles should be given authorized and checked driving licenses.
  • Heavy-duty vehicles should not be permitted in the city.
  • Increase in car parking charges, so limited usage will come on the force.
  • Proper traffic lanes should be implemented for multiple car occupancy.
  • The cities should be pedestrian.
  • Integrated public transport system.

Conclusion: Traffic jam is a severe concern in the life of the people and in the development of the economy. Proper measures must be implemented by the government. And also its responsibility of the people to be more sensible and wise.

Essay on Traffic Jam for Students and Children | PDF Download

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