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Essay on Save Water and Electricity

Water is one of the natural resources which plays important role in human life as well in daily routine. Whereas Electricity is a man-made thing which was produced by natural resources like sunlight, coal, water, etc. As water filled around the globe at 70% however only 3-4% of water is useful for human needs. Electricity was depended on natural resources for production if the natural resources came to end they cannot be produced. Similarly, the below essay on Save water and electricity contains all the information about the water and electricity, why the saving of both arises, some techniques to save them, etc. The below essay on the Importance of Save Water and Electricity are explained the scenarios of how these playing the role in human life and much unique information was included.

Short essay on Save Water and Electricity

In the modern days of the world, Water and Electricity are essential parts of the human’s daily routine. Water is God’s gift to the earth but electricity is a man-made thing by his knowledge. From the time of the discovery of Electricity the human discovered various things to include in daily work. The things or the discoveries made by humans will work with electricity. As technology increases the inventions increased and now it became like the human cannot live with those inventions. The heavy usage of the invention needs a lot of electricity which should produce with natural resources. These resources level came to endanger where the usages should reduce. So the save Electricity came into the picture in human lives.

Water was performing an important role for living beings and human health. Many human diseases can be cured with water as medicine. As the Global was filled with 70% of the water while the human body fills with 60% of the water. Only 3-4% of the water on earth is fresh water and other water is hard water and saltwater. Not only human needs many manufacturing companies and the production of electricity are purely dependent on the water. So the scarcity of water arises due to huge needs and pollution of water. The causes to save Water and Electricity are improper usage, heavy needs, pollution by humans, scarcity of resources and many more are involved. If a question like Save water or Electricity is raised, then according to it we should save water because we can live without electricity rather than water.

Long Essay on Save Water and Electricity

Water and Electricity play a crucial role in human life in the modern days. Water is very useful for every living being. Whereas electricity removes the darkness and gives light to us. At present, no human being will live without electricity and water. Both electricity and water became a part of human life. The major electricity production is done with coal or natural gas which are limited natural courses as well these are non-renewable. It is important to save electricity so that we conserve natural resources for the future. Similarly, the water is filled with 3/4th part of the earth but only 3-4% of water is useful for humans. So we should always save water for our daily life.

After the invention of Electricity, the usage and the inventions based on Electricity was rapidly increased. For all the needs of humans, scientists have invented electricity with the help of water. Electricity plays a major role in every human life, the electronic alarm which helps in waking up early in the morning and the AC which gives us the chillness is also taken from the electricity, All kind of technologies, gadgets and many more runs with the help of electricity. However, over-usage demands the need for electricity for sustaining the lives of people. In the present day, the production of electricity is with coal, which is a natural resource. As the level of coal resource and demand for electricity was not balancing then Save Electricity arises.

Water is a part of the world as well as the human body and the needs of humans. As the water present, the whole world is not useful as it was hard and saltwater. Living beings need fresh and soft water for drinking and various needs. The resources of freshwater are rivers, ponds, lakes, Rains, groundwater. As the population increases demand for water increases to fulfill the needs. However, due to the need for land the lakes, ponds, rivers are occupied whereas due to deforestation and atmospheric conditions no proper rainfall. By all these the scarcity of freshwater arises tends us to save water.

The causes of Save Water and Electricity are due to overutilization, high demand, pollution, no conservation, and many other usages of Water and Electricity. As the people are in demand of these resources there are no alternative sources the conservation is the only thing about water. Whereas due to technology the electricity is produced in form of solar energy. The technology should be developed in all paths rather than the single path which makes demand when usage. Even now the conservation of Electricity is present because the production of solar energy is economically high. there is no alternative for the water to the human beings to it must be conserved in all the available ways.

As the demand is increasing the saving of resources also increases. There are some techniques or ways to save water and electricity. The ways of Saving water are Rainwater harvesting, proper utilization of water, saving environment & greenery, increasing the groundwater level, the proper area for rivers, ponds to store water, etc. Whereas ways to save Electricity are the proper usage of power, an increase in solar usage, alternative inventions, smart power lights, thermostat, etc. The government should also look after the reserves of natural resources and motivate people to save in all areas. Saving of Water and Electricity should implement techniques like save electricity at school, Save electricity and water at home. The younger ones can come to know with the Save water & electricity competitions, drawings, paintings. All the people can know these important with an awareness of Save water & electricity advertisements, poster in the public areas. Every human should feel responsible for saving electricity and water.

As the need for Water and Electricity increases the conservation of them came into the scenario. All the saving techniques should be followed by everyone. Only one person can Save water and Electricity for the future, all the people should come together and work on saving ways. Even now everyone can start conserving all the resources and develop alternatives for the needs of people. Save Water And Electricity for the present and future needs of generations.

Quotes on Save Water and Electricity

  • Save water, the world is in your hands!
  • Don’t abuse electricity.
  • The wars of the twenty-first century will be fought over water.
  • Use your money, don’t waste it by wasting electricity.
  • SAVE WATER Don’t waste the world’s blood.
  • The less you burn, the more you earn.
  • Walk in the desert, You will realize the cost of Water.
  • Dark future for energy wasters.
  • We never know the worth of water till the well is dry. Save Water!!
  • Don’t be a fool! Inspect your electrical tools.

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