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Essay on Role of Women

Essay On Role Of Women In Society: In the present generation, women are equal to men in society. As compared to the past generation a lot of changes occurred in the case of women in society. The slavery towards women was decreased as compared to the past, but now women had started living independently. As with the previous points, the below essay on the Role of Women in Society was described and explained clearly. The below essay on the Role of Women in Society in India had highlighted many key points.

Long Essay On Role Of Women In Today’s Society

Women had become successful in society by overcoming all the illegal and depressed activities towards women. In ancient India, women were always dedicated to household chores without basic education. Child marriages are a real tragedy for a girl to marry an older person just to fulfill the chores and physical needs of men. Still, it has been followed by rural India that women were not allowed to study so they were not aware of their importance in the world. The men in the villages and rural areas take this advantage and suppress the women’s and women’s rights in the villages. Women were criticized and suppressed in society and not allowed to work like men in the open world.

Women had fought against all the discrimination and gained equal rights as men. In the modern days of India, women were working in every role of any sector as equal to men. There were many roles the women are working in present society, they are working as interpreters, pilots, CEOs, software employees, etc covering all the sectors like manufacturing, banking, It, etc. The role of women in society had become equal to that of men. The government of India provides some special schemes for security, education, development, to bring them into the light. Women need recognition and roles in society should be increased in the development and economical improvement of the country.

Equality In Society

Women were playing as equally as men in the society in the development of the country. If we compare the situations of women in the modern days to the past days in society we can see a lot of change this change had bought a major difference in women’s lives. In the olden days, women were always used to keep far from society matters. Women were not allowed even the basic education, to shop in the markets, and move into society individually. Women are to get married at a younger age and they were not given any importance except for the physical needs of their husbands.

Patriarchal society prevailed in India for many centuries, even the women herself let this happen by following all the saying of elders and society did not let a woman have an opinion or choice of herself which is horrifying. As we compare the women in society with the present days and with the past decade there is a huge evolution in the lives of the women. The huge discrimination towards women was got decreased as time passed with a lot of struggles and efforts made by women. There were many freedom fighters and positive preachers who came forward and fight against the things happening to women in society.

We know that women are successful in making decisions about family issues and needs. Even when they are uneducated their decision never went wrong about their families. In that way, the women are succeded and made the country fully fit and healthy. Women should be encouraged to move into society and work for the improvement of society.

Women in modern society work at various parts of society and make the steps to the development of society. Women are working as pilots, enterprisers, mechanics, politicians, railway drivers, government officials, etc covering all the sectors like banking, IT, politics, government, manufacturing, and many more. All these roles of women parallelly fill the role of mother and all the needs of the family. In society, women were occupied by major opportunities compared to men. Women are giving huge competitions for the men and exposing their talents to make their performance in linear increase. Many companies were working with only women by exhibiting their business and giving huge competition in the market.

The Role of Women in society is that women had bought out in society and were treated as equal to men. When the women got equal importance and freedom to work in society then the country is in freedom. As the role of women had given importance then the steps of the country’s development had started. Women must be given equal importance and opportunities as men and women are equal in society. Illegal activities against women should come to end. Now in India woman is considered versatile.

Quotes on Role of Women in Society

  • Hiring and promoting talented women is the right thing to do for society – and it’s an economic imperative
  • Gender parity is not just good for women- it’s good for societies
  • The measure of any society is how it treats its women and girls
  • Women find little pleasure in the society of women
  • The fastest way to change society is to mobilize the women of the world
  • When women progress, all of the society benefits
  • Women are the real architects of society
  • A society can never be free without women’s liberation
  • Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world
  • The multiple roles that women can play in society if given the opportunity is a tremendous asset

Conclusion: We hope that the above essays on the role of women in society will help to gain some knowledge. The importance of women’s role in society is explained clearly and to get aware of women for the world.

Essay On Role Of Women In Society for Students and Children | PDF Download

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