Essay On Role Of Science in Making India For School Students

Essay On Role Of Science In Making India

Essay On Role Of Science in Making India: Science plays an imperative role in every individual’s life. It has also had an enormous role in the development and progress of our Nation. India is a country, with new technology that is up-to-the-minute. All the developments and the growth of the country is achieved by Science. In all the sectors like the industries, agriculture, health, infrastructure, technology the developments are unlimited by the Science, in making in India which is well established and the growth of the country is enhanced.

Essay On Role Of Science in Making India For Students and Children

The Scientist’ discoveries and innovations have made India proud. In the most recent years, science had facilitated a lot in the improvement of India. The global economy in the country is enhanced, people have access to more employment in all the fields, it has given people a better and standard way of living. Science has a vital role in the progress of industries.

The importance and investment for the development of scientific technologies in the country must be achieved. Every country must hail the new innovations and technologies for better economic progress of the country and the people. The technology and the most advanced gadgets that are been used by people on day to day life is the development of Science.

Contribution Of Indian Scientists To The Growth Of India

There are many Indian Scientists who have given various contributions to India.

  • Chandrasekhar Venkata Raman was the First person to get the Nobel Prize for Physics in The year 1930, for his innovations in pioneering work on scattering of light. He also put effort into the acoustics of musical instruments. The harmonic nature of sound was first investigated by him. He also discovered the Raman Effect.
  • Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya, the recipient of the Bharat Ratna and the Indian Republic’s Highest Honor. He has hope and faith in India that it will be a country of an Industrialized Nation. He had a strong belief, it will be a progressive country through the industries. The inventions of the automatic sluice gates and block irrigation system
    were done by him.
  • Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam, the Indian Scientist worked as an Aerospace engineer with ISRO and DRDO. His contributions to aerospace are enormous. The Rohini Satellite near the Earth’s orbit is one of his contributions. Also, many other Indian Scientists like Jagadish Chandra Bose, Srinivasa Ramanujan, Homi Bhabha, and many others have made various contributions to the country.

Role Of Science in Various Aspects of Making India

Employment Opportunities

The firm of a huge number of industries and business sectors in the country will provide more job opportunities in the country to unemployed individuals. Skilled and talented people will be given their appropriate position in their professions. They are given training in the respective field, this will enhance their skills and the requirements for the job are achieved. The progress and growth of the country along with the development of the individual is achieved.

Agriculture Sector

Agriculture is the main occupation for most of the people in India. People in the rural areas lead their lives through this aspect. The benefits for the agriculture sectors with scientific discoveries and innovative technologies have made progress for the agriculture in the country. The outdated technology in the agriculture sector is lagging backward from the introduction of modern scientific technology. The new innovations on the soil health and its conditions, advanced irrigation facilities, superior fertilizers, and pesticides, the progressed equipment for sowing of seeds, tow of land, and for the harvesting of crops are the contribution from science to the country. This will help the production of crops
drastically, harvesting is done through the limited resources. The progress and the growth of the Farmer and the country are economically enhanced.


During ancient times, people did not have proper facilities and technologies in the field of health care. Most of the people lost their lives due to a lack of medicines and knowledge about the disease. But in the developments in modern times have provided people with all the requirements and the facilities with innovative technologies, educated doctors, and qualified nurses. People are able to cure all types of illness and get fit and fine to normal life.


There was a time in India where people were primarily confirmed to the handicrafts and the cottage industries. The advances and progress in science have given business and industrial opportunities to the citizens of the country. Many equipped and advanced machinery are established in the Industrial sector.

Better Communication

The evolution in the modern means of communication from the scientific inventions is a need and bliss to the people. The Internet, Mobile phones are affordable and have reasonable priciest. People can interact personally and professionally far across just through a single swipe.

Better Life Style

The standard and the way of leading a life are dissimilar and diverse compared to ancient times. The new inventions have brought many changes in the lives of people. We have the invention of science in every day and every second of life. The things we use, the food we consume, the vehicles we use all are the inventions of Science.


The role of Science is not just the inventions and the innovations, it is a key role for the country and the inhabitants for an economic and progressed Nation.