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Essay on Road Safety

Essay on Road Safety: Road safety is a vital measure that a government should take and the public must follow. It is one of the challenging issues for many countries. Over a large number of people are caused to death due to road accidents, there may be many reasons to cause an accident, but the actual measures are needed. In largely populated countries like India road safety is the major thing for the government to look after the people. Many points are discussed in the below Essay on Road safety. Some rare information about road safety is included in the below essay about road safety awareness in English. These essays will useful for students for competitions, exams, group discussions. In further of the article, there were quotes on road safety.

Long Essay on Road Safety In India

Road Safety is a precautionary step to decrease the count of accidents and roadside injuries. In today’s era, people live in such a hurry due to which road accidents are increasing. Vehicle collisions and neglect of the proper road safety measures will be the main reasons besides the lack of road rules and regulations followed by people. India should change and make the rules strict to see a decrease in road accidents.  Every person who comes onto the road should be aware of the road safety steps and traffic rules if not they follow the rules of the road they must be provided with a huge penalty.

Road safety is a major need for all the people in the present days in all the countries. Every person should get aware of road safety, especially for younger ones and children. Two third of road accidents occur with the age of 15-44years people. According to the latest data of WHO, accident cases are recorded as the major cases in recent times. The government of every country should innovate the laws accordingly and strictly guide the people about those laws. The Motor Vehicles Act (2019) is one of the road safety acts in India. The motto of this act is to impose a penalty for violating rules. Every person who rides vehicles should follow the safety measures like wearing a helmet, seat belts, etc. Road safety is majorly about the proper riding of vehicles for reducing the count of road accidents. Some Road Safety measures like riding vehicles according to speed boards on either side of the roads. Every person should know that road safety is individual responsibility.

Importance Of Road Safety

Road safety is one of the issues to educate the people. Road safety means following all the traffic rules & road safety rules when on road. Reaching the destination safely can be possible only by following the road safety measures by people. Major accidents cause pedestrians they crossroads in hurry by not following the signals. Road safety is not only about vehicles and riders, it also depends on the infrastructure of roads.

In India, road safety is a challenging issue for the government as well as for the people. As India is one of the most populated countries in the world, providing good infrastructure for roads will not certainly possible. Every day in India, a huge number of road accidents are occurring in various ways. People in India neglect to check their vehicles daily and maintenance of vehicles is poorly conditioned which tends to accidents on roads.

In India, a person needs to get 18 years to ride a vehicle on roads, but people below 18 years were also riding bikes. Some people drive their vehicles when they are drunk, over speed, violating minimum rules, etc these mistakes of the public aren’t realized till they experience any accident, and then also they start to blame the government and roads. People should realize the maximum liability depends on them also it’s not about the government or the roads, but the responsibility of people to drive at the limited speed needed.

People by following the minimum rules can decrease the rate of road accidents, those minimum rules like walking on the left side of the road, never crossing a road while running, using the indicator when turning, most importantly following traffic signals, checking your mirrors while riding vehicle to be aware of the vehicles coming from behind.


  • Hug your kids at home, but belt them in the car.
  • Safety is not automatic, think about it.
  • Leave sooner, drive slower, live longer.
  • Slow down! Your family will be waiting for you.
  • Do not mix drinking and driving
  • The fast drive could be the last
  • Know safety, not accident!
  • Better Late than Never!
  • Better be Mister Late than to be Late Mister
  • Stop accidents before they stop you!!

The conclusion for the Road Safety Essay is that every person should follow road rules. Road safety should follow not only for self-security and also for other people on roads. People should maintain and check their vehicles once in a while, if it says maintenance of the roads is the government’s duty then the maintenance of the vehicle is a person’s duty. Irrelevant cars and bikes whatever comes on the road must follow all road rules to avoid accidents. There should not be a rush to reach the destination, and no risk taken.

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Essay on Road Safety for Students and Children | PDF Download

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