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Essay on Road Accidents

Road Accidents are the major issue that will occur every day. Transportation has become the regular lifestyle in everyone’s life. Road Accidents will take place due to the human’s carelessness and sometimes for the failure of the vehicle parts, like failing of breaks, etc. Most people die from road accidents. Road accidents are not only made by human beings intentionally sometimes it occurs due to the improper or uneven roads that were made by the government. . Similarly, but the below essay on Road Accidents will also include all the needed information about it. The below essay on the Causes of Road accidents will cover the information about the issues and how the people are suffering from road accidents and much more detailed information is listed below. In further below of the article, the quotes on Road accidents are listed.

Short Essay on Road Accidents for Students

Road Accidents cost a huge number of lives and also a large amount of property damage in all the countries. As technology increases day by day, humans need to move from one place to another place in need to fulfill their needs in their daily routine. The best and easily accessible way to migrate to a place is road transport. Roadways that connect every part of the area in the countries and some roads even combine the countries also. As an easy way to migrate the huge number of people will start using this means of transport. In this way, the accidents occur due to human mistakes and sometimes with the failure of parts of the vehicles or automobiles. In some countries, it is a challenge for people to drive on road due to improper maintenance of roads due to economical issues.

The accident is a word derived from Old Frech and Latin accidents. However, accidents cost the lives of people and some accidents lead people to the loss of body parts, or sometimes it leads the humans to be in a coma. Road accidents have a high rate of increasing day by day and cannot be controllable in the present days. In countries like India due to the heavy population, the need for roads is high as well there is no proper infrastructure for the roads. There are nearly 4.5 lakhs of accidents happening in India on average in the past few years. In these accidents, few are lead to death and some lead to loss of body parts. Road Accidents should be controlled by the governments by strictly applying the rules and regulations on people and also educating the people about road safety.

Long Essay on Road Accidents for Students

Road Accidents are one of the issues with today’s world which needs to get into control. A huge number of lives are led to their end and a lot of public asserts are getting destroyed with accidents. The major road accidents are high speed, improper driving, overtime running of the vehicle, irregular checking of vehicles, etc. All the accidents are not caused by human mistakes, some of the accidents are with the sudden trouble or failure of vehicle parts. There are other criteria in the accidents is due to the improper maintenance and infrastructure of roads and highways by the government.

According to the latest data, a huge number of accidents are causing to the people of 12-40 age. Major deaths are leading for the people who are admitted to the hospitals due to accidents. The youth imagines that riding a vehicle at high speed is the fashion and feels like the master in driving. But the accidents are occurring to them as well as to the other people on the roads. A lot of Pedestrians are facing trouble and causing an accident due to improper or overspeeding riding of vehicles. In these scenarios, they are facing trouble and making the other people face the issues. There are some cases like the person who case for the accident will be safe and the opposite person will lead to death.

In India, there are nearly 1.51 lakhs of accidents are appeared in 2018 as per the official data. More than 97 thousand people are lead to death only due to over speed. In 2018, 64.5% of the total deaths are caused by road accidents. This count of death will increase every year rather than decrease. The people of India are at the top who always violate the traffic rules even the heavy fines are charged. As India is the second populated country in the world, providing roads for the huge number of people within the small area is always a challenge to the government.

China is the top country that invests a high amount on the infrastructure of roads and developments of roads. All the other countries invest at a high rate in road infrastructure but road accidents are not at a small rate. Why Road Accidents are not in control?. Only the government cannot control the rate of accidents, people who are coming on the roads should know the traffic rules. The people who are riding the vehicles should be eligible for the rules of the government. Vehicles coming on the road should be checked daily, this was not done in major countries and which results in an accident in utmost cases.

The Government of the countries should bring up strict traffic rules and Traffic acts and should apply strictly to the people of the country. The traffic department should not get bribes if illegal activity was done on the roads. The infrastructure of roads and accidents can make the countries bring up the investments for the development of the country in all sectors. People should be self-examined while coming onto the roads. Drunk and drive, high duration of riding, parking of vehicles on roadsides are some of the know mistakes done by the people for causing road accidents.

Major road accidents are done with human mistakes themselves, so people should think about themselves and others while riding vehicles. The youth of the present generation should change a lot and be a part of decreasing road accidents and the destruction of assets. Governments should educate the people about the cons of Overspeed, improper driving, and educate them in all the possible ways. People should know the value of their lives while riding vehicles. The traffic department should bring awareness to people by the Road accidents campaigns, No accident weeks, Drives for the people and in all possible ways. Finally, life is so valuable so don’t lose your life knowingly and without little precautions.

Quotes on Road Accidents

  • Misfortunes one can endure – they come from outside, they are accidents. But to suffer for one’s faults – Ah! there is the sting of life.
  • I don’t believe in accidents. There are only encounters in history. There are no accidents.
  • Stop Accidents Before they stop you
  • Road Accident happen in a blink of an eye. An Accident can change the fate of the family. Drive Safe.
  • Accidents, and particularly street and highway accidents, do not happen – they are caused.
  • Accidents Hurt Safety Doesn’t
  • Alert Today Alive Tomorrow
  • Don’t Lose your head to gain a minute you need your head Your brains are in it
  • Over Speed is a Knife that cut the life
  • Your destination is a reward for safe driving

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