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Essay on Renewable Energy

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Long Essay On Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable Energy – The source of energy that is acquired from the natural resources in nature. A renewable resource can be used over and over again, it does not scuttle out for the reason that it is naturally produced.

The sources of energy include solar energy, wind energy, hydro energy, tidal energy, geothermal energy, and biogas energy. Renewable energy is a supply that is produced unlimitedly from natural resources. The resources are moreover obtainable with no boundary or stock up more rapidly than the tempo at which they are frenzied. On the contrary, Fossil fuel energies are restricted supply. They illustrate predetermined resources that will sooner or later dwindle, that become ultimately too expensive or atmosphere damaging to reclaim. They are non-renewable resources. Renewable energy is uncontaminated and ecologically welcoming. “The potential of renewable energy is immense”.

Sources of Renewable Energy Sources

There are five major renewable energy sources

  • Solar Energy – This is the energy that is acquired directly from the sun. Sun is the
    foremost basis of existence on earth. India has a standard yearly temperature that ranges from 25 degrees Celsius – 27.5 degrees Celsius. This indicates that India has colossal solar probable. The energy is obtained directly from the radiations of the sun that are emitted. The solar energy that reaches the surface of the earth in an hour, is more than the planet’s intact energy that is obligatory for a year. Even though it resonance like a faultless foundation of renewable energy. It is used based on environmental changes and weather changes.
  • Wind Energy – This is the renewable energy produced by wind, mechanical power is produced through the wind turbines. The power produced is converted to electric power by the electric generators. The wind’s kinetic energy created – direct the turbines to spin, the movement of spin generates mechanical energy, by the means of the generator the electricity is produced.
  • Hydro-Electric Energy – The renewable source of energy is produced by water. Hydropower is the kinetic energy of the water, converted into electricity. The kinetic energy of water from the dams, rivers, tides, etc., can be proscribed to the gush of water that will constrain a turbine generating electricity. Hydroelectric power energy is mainly unswerving energy, then evaluated to solar and wind energy. The electricity generated can be hoarded and used when considered necessary.
  • Geothermal Energy – The source of the energy is produced by the earth. The heat is generated by the earth with is acquired for electricity. The planet’s surface has boiling water, heat is obtained through this technique.
  • Biomass Energy – Renewable energy is produced from plants or animals that restrain accumulated energy. The energy is from organic materials, thus producing electricity.

Renewable Energy Sources: Images

Renewable Energy Resources Energy Sources Images Types of Energy Sources

Conclusion: Progress in the population leads to demand for energy and resources. Novelty and Spreading out of renewable sources is the stepladder to maintain and sustain proper existence.

Essay On Renewable Energy Sources for Students and Children | PDF Download

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