Essay on Rain Water Harvesting for Students and Children | PDF Download

Essay on Rain Water Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is a method of conserving freshwater for human needs. Rainwater is the part of the water cycle, where the evaporated water moved into the clouds. Rainwater is one of the freshwater sources for living beings on land. Similarly, the below essay on rainwater harvesting was included with various unknown key points. The below essay was provided information about the methods for water conservation and rainwater harvesting. In further below of the article, some quotes on rainwater harvesting were included.

Short Essay on Rain Water harvesting

Saving water had become a worthy process of this century. It is one of the difficult tasks for many countries all over the world. The scarcity of water occurs due to the misusage of water and improper planning by the government for their people. People should save water in various ways for their daily routine needs and also parallelly for their future. Saving water by Rainwater harvesting is one of the easy and worthless processes. Rainwater is one of the fresh and pure water available for living beings on earth. Rainwater was wasted as the people don’t know the value of water and improper awareness about conservation techniques.

During the rains, the people will not conserve rainwater for their temporary needs also. The people should take some steps and make the way for the rainwater to conserve in an area or the lakes and dams, etc. Governments of the countries should plan the sideways on either side of roads for the free flow of rainwater. The government should invest some money for rainwater harvesting and serving water without any scarcity and drought. If people didn’t make a habitat of conserving water for their lives, which can lead to drought.

Only one can’t bring the results for saving water, every individual should save rainwater in their way as a responsibility. The only easy and simple way even for the common man to save water is Rainwater harvesting. People should assign some space for storage tanks in their houses for rainwater harvesting. The government should dig the ponds and increase the depth of existing ponds for people’s needs.

Long essay on Rain Water Harvesting 

Rainwater harvesting is one of the techniques to bring rainwater into our water cycle. Saving water in this process is very easy and can be done with lesser effort tends to result in a large amount for living beings. Rainwater harvesting is one of the processes to increase the level of groundwater through the soil. According to research, the water purified by soil and forms as underground water is the purest form of water in the world.

As 71% of the world is filled with water by oceans and big seas, the whole water is not useful for Human needs. Only 3% of the whole water is useful for living beings on earth. The scarcity of water is increasing day by day in the present centuries. This scarcity arises due to improper usage of water, polluting water, and lack of saving water. Rainwater harvesting is one of the solutions for water scarcity for the present centuries and today’s world. Rainwater is one of the sources of useful water on land, people will not save the rainwater. Saving Rainwater can fill some temporary needs and usages in our daily routine. The people should conserve Rainwater and they should get aware of all the techniques of rainwater harvesting. Rainwater harvesting is one of the simple and worthy fewer techniques in saving water by a common man.

People of the past said that future wars will arise for the need for water to the people. To get out of those situations in the future we should save water from today. Rainwater can save by all the people around the world with some simple techniques and arrange someplace for water storage in their homes. The government of all countries should look about saving rainwater by ponds, water pits, etc to increase the groundwater level. People should look at the areas where the soil can suck the water easily and develop those areas for the harvesting process.

The benefits of rainwater harvesting are it can fulfill daily needs for some days according to the number of storage tanks. Rainwater harvesting methods can increase the underground water which helps in our needs for a long time. As it was the simple and worth efficient techniques which should follow by every person to get the best results. Rainwater can increase the level of water sources like rivers, lakes, ponds, underground water, etc which helps in long time usage and remove water scarcity.

Rainwater harvesting can remove some water scarcity and drought in the future. Every person should feel responsible for saving water by the method of rainwater harvesting. Rainwater harvesting, a solution to the water crisis and needs of the present people. Harvesting Rainwater can bring out results to the present water problem and future scarcity of water. The government should bring a rule for digging the pits and storage tanks in every house as well in public areas also. Even now people should start conserving water through Rainwater harvesting, which can give fruitful results to long time problems.


  • Save rainwater today to enjoy your tomorrow on the earth.
  • Harvest the rainwater to reduce the use of clean water.
  • Save the water from rain and don’t let it drain.
  • Don’t be conserve but conserve the rainwater.
  • Water is very precious for life on the earth; so, save rainwater too.
  • Water is the soul of the earth, don’t separate both.
  • Preserve the rainwater; it is a nice gift from God on the earth.
  • Whether you save rainwater to the tank or pond, just save it by any means.
  • Harvest the rainwater to remove the thirst of the earth.
  • Harvest the rain, reap the gains.

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Essay on Rain Water Harvesting for Students and Children | PDF Download

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