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Essay on Postman

Long Essay on Postman

The individual who works for the people. A public servant who is employed to deliver and collect letters and parcels from one place to another.

A Person wearing a khaki uniform, carrying a bag on his shoulder, riding the bicycle all around the streets to deliver the letters door by door. He is consigned to the post office and works for the public. Postman is the imperative individual in everybody’s life. He carries and collects documents, letters, parcels, money orders, greeting cards, and many more.

The proverbial person and well-known to the people. Either in villages or cities, people wait for him in some of the other situations. During the earlier days, people used to propel letters through pigeons. Or their mediators for personal or professional information. This would take several days to reach far destinations. Over the period, Post Office came into existence. A postman is a person assigned to the post office and works for the people.

The onset of Postman brought scores of changes in the lives of people. The means of communication among people started in the course of writing letters to, the far and the dear ones. The postman delivers the news of happiness and sorrows in the epoch of people’s life. Important documents, Pension’s to elders, Bank details and many other things are delivered by the Postman.

Role of Postman

Early Days:

Postman was an important means of communication to the people in the early days. People did not have the developed technology like the internet, mobile phones, messengers, and other modes of contact. They were dependent only on letters.

  • The letters reach them only through the postman and can send their respective letter to their dear and near people.
  • Money orders, gifts, greetings, invitations for weddings, and important ceremonies were sent only through the post.
  • So, people use to wait for the postman.
  • Postman also read letters for the uneducated.
  • Postman will always be remembered and appreciated.

Modern Days:

  • In recent times, we barely found a postman. On no account do we hear a man coming to our door and yelling post.
  • Progress in technology has shown the way to the circumstance where, we don’t even commit to memory that, there exists a post office and a postman.
  • Advanced phones and communicative mediums have made life easy, we can send instant messages on our concerns. Immediate response can be received even miles apart.
  • All the money and transaction happen online. Invitations and gifts are sent online.
  • This has led to a decline in writing letters and waiting for many days.
  • Anyways, many changes may come and go, but the written letter feeling is always wonderful.
  • We still receive some letters from the postman like college admission letters, sometimes magazine results from the universities, job offer letters, etc.,

Disadvantages of being a Postman

  • If there is a mistake in the address of the letter to be delivered encounter, the postman will have to search hard the complete day for address.
  • If important telegrams to be delivered are hectic, they are invented to work during the night too.
  • Rainy season or Summer season, the postman has to get wet under the rain nor by the scorching sun.
  • Salaries are less.

Conclusion: Postman is the person for the people. Progress in technology has made them have unusual visits. But the character of the postman is always remembered and his hard
work is always appreciated.

Essay on Postman for Students and Children | PDF Download

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