Essay on Picnic with Family for Students and Children | PDF Download

Essay on Picnic With Family

Family is always the most before all humans. We live in a society where people are always busy with their professions. Everybody has been jam-packed with their hectic schedules. The world is full of competition and demands for a successful life and career. Our minds are filled with the goals and ambitions to keep our family happy. We work hard for a bright future and a happy family. Work is worship, and one should hold on to the term of duty. Working hard and being away from family are two unacceptable things. On the contrary, people also have to spend time with their near and dear ones. Every individual aims at spending some quality time with their family.

Picnic with Family

Picnics are a fun way to engage with our family and friends, we get to spend quality time with our near and dears. Family members plan a picnic and arrange things to carry with them. People mostly choose greener places to have fun with the family. Last year we along with other relatives had been to an amazing picnic in Ooty. There are 15 people of us, all were excited and happy about the picnic. Parents, relatives, kids were overwhelmed by the relaxed mode. Preparations began for the picnic, food, snacks, outfits, and all the required package was done. We had booked a minibus for the outdoor adventure. At last, the day arrived. All of us started at the early hours of the day for the destination to be reached. The vehicle we traveled was filled with fun and laughter throughout the journey. Many songs were played, people danced for the rhythms, jokes were cracked, we all played games, never-ending talks continued throughout the journey. The journey was so cherishable.

Picnic Destinations

Finally, we reached our spot. All the family members awaited the delightful experience from the picnic. We all checked into the hotel rooms and relaxed for the night. The next day morning, our turn to explore the city began.

Ooty is full of Tea estates and agricultural lands. Nature is a feast to the sight of people. The place is full of greenery all around. We explored the tea factory and the process of the tea power preparation. Many varieties of tea and various Indian spices are found in the locality. Later we had been to the Botanical Garden in Ooty, which is full of flowers
and trees.

The next day, Munnar was on our list. It is a beautiful place that amuses the person in its magnificence. Ooty toy train was the medium of transport from Ooty to Munnar. The countryside from the train in the traveling interval of time takes the person entirely to another world of nature and its magic. Nature concurs the person to its unlimited exquisiteness. We also visited and went to the boating spot, it was so exciting and mesmerizing. Other tourist spots like the Doddabetta Peak, Sleeping beauty, Avalanche lake, Emerald Lake, Deer Park, Nilgiri Mountain railway were so satisfactory and pleasurable. After visiting and exploring the places we returned backed to the hotel, packed our bags back to the same old routine daily life. The memories we make with our family are everything.

Conclusion: A family picnic is a family gets together where everyone shares just happiness. The picnic we plan and take should be cherishable and should not be regrettable. Every individual needs a break whether it’s long or short, and plans for a picnic away from home with family, so to create memories.

Essay on Picnic with Family for Students and Children | PDF Download

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