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Essay On Patriotism

Essay on Patriotism: Herewith, We have composed an essay on Patriotism for School Students and Children in Simple English besides we also provided Significance, Great Patriots in India. So the children and students can refer to this complete essay to perform the class assignments, comprehensive tasks, and competitions well. To know the value of time one can read this complete article at his/her convenience.

Essay On Patriotism for Students and Children

It is can be defined as the dedication or the vigorous support of an individual to his/ her Motherland. A person who has love, loyalty, devotion, support, and is ready to defend his country in any difficult situation is called a Patriotic Person. A patriot person will never have a second thought when it comes to the issue of a country, they will be ready to serve and sacrifice their life for the Motherland.

Patriotism is furtive behind a prosperous country. The passionate love of people towards the country is referred to as Patriotism. Exact Patriots are the bliss for the country’s well-being and progress. The nation can be a developed nation only when such people are present in the country. They will be the lending hand when the nation is in

The patriotism of a person emerges during critical times like hostilities, natural calamities in the country, pandemics, and national tragedy. Patriotism is all about the responsibility of a person, the struggle for the country. It will help in building a nation that is a place for better living. People should have love towards the nation and also their fellowmen. This will help the country to develop economically and be prosperous. The harmony among the people will promote sorority. The aspect of patriotism also helps in eradicating the corruption and the illegal behavior of the people in the country.

Significance Of Patriotism

During our school days, we had pledged in our prayers, which we used to recite every day. This signifies that India is our motherland, the importance that we give to our mother should be given to the country in the same way. It is not less than a mother who gives birth to us. The same way our mother feeds us helps us, nurtures us all the aspects are done by our Motherland too. The future of the country lies in the hands of the people in the nation. People should have respect and love towards the country. The feeling of patriotism should arise from within. Moreover, it improves the conditions and quality of the citizens in the country. It will enable people to work coordinating with each other. The collective interest of the country and the people will lead to progress in the country. People will the same emotions and desires will not have any misunderstands, so that harmony in the environment will triumph.

As harmony will prevail in the country, people will lead a life of peace. Harmony and Peace in the nation are achieved through proper patriotism in people. Which in turn, will be a place to live and let live each other. The brotherhood feelings in people are enhanced. In brief, patriotism in the country has a significant role in the country’s progress and enhancement. The egotistic and hurtful society will be eliminated in the country, which will demolish the illegal activities.

Some Of The Great Patriots In India

India is a country with many great patriots. The struggle for Indian Independence put many of the patriots in the limelight. These patriots have made many sacrifices and have had many struggles for the country to be prosperous.

  • MAHATMA GANDHI: He is called as “Father of Nation”, because of his enormous
    conduct in the country. He fought for human rights, he joined the freedom fight for the independence of the country. He took the “DandiKuch”, on his barefoot to alleviate tax on salt and led quite a lot of passivity movements against the Britishers for Freedom.
  • BHAGAT SINGH: The great leader was quite a renowned revolutionary and notorious
    freedom fighter. He is the proud sacrificial victim of the country. He joined the non-cooperative moment, and also the “Naujawan Bharat Sabha” was formed to fill the hearts of youth with patriotism.
  • RANI LAKSHMI BHAI: The great woman is the queen of Jhansi, also known as Jhansi Rani Lakshmi Bhai. Her audacity and heroism are still remembered by the people in the country. She revolted against the Britishers and fought for Indian Independence. She became immortal on the battlefield for our country.

Many other patriots of our country strived hard for the country. The great leaders like Bal Gangahar Tilak, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Vallabhbahi Patel, Subhas Chandra Bose and many others.

Patriotism: Images

India Flag With Boy Image Patriotism Image Gandhiji About India

Conclusion: Patriotism towards the country is a prominent feature of every individual. For the prosperity and heritage of the country, people must strive for the well-being and growth of the country.

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