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Essay on Organ Trafficking

What is Organ Trafficking?. Organ Trafficking is an illegal activity that was happening all over the world in every country. Organ Trafficking is a business with huge profits for the people involved in the activity. In Trafficking the main body organs like kidneys, liver, eyes, tissues, etc are illegally sold at high rates for the people who are in need. The below essay on Organ Trafficking will provide and explain everything about it clearly. All the issues and problems caused to people, why it was encouraging and many questions had the answers in below Essay on Human Organ Trafficking in India.

Short Essay on Organ Trafficking

Organ Trafficking is far different from Organ Donation. Organ trafficking is done with the organs in the body when the individual is alive on the other hand Organ Donation is done after the individual leads to death. The donation of Organs is a legal activity and it helps people with disabilities to fulfill like normal humans. Organ Trafficking is an illegal activity where several organs will be sold to needy people all over the world. This Trafficking is done majorly for the need of the money for living to sustain their daily life. People below the poverty line, orphan people, and some common people unknowingly will lose their organs in need of money. Transplant tourism will refer to organ selling with the migration of individuals to needy countries.

Organ Trafficking is encouraged by rich people in need of transplanting the failed organs in their bodies to increase their life span. Organ Trafficking has a huge market and demand for organs in the black market all over the world. Many doctors had a role in organ trafficking, they take out the kidneys and some organs in name of surgeries for the patients who came for some health issues. Organ Trafficking was increased after the process of transplantation with various organs. Usually, the transplantation was done for the good cause by the doctors to save lives. But they will use this as a weak point, Many rich people are involved to buy the organs from the poor with less amount. Many poor people were involved due to a lack of awareness in selling their organs. All economic problems tend the poor people to get involved in the process but they were not beneficial enough in selling.

Long Essay on Organ Trafficking in 500 words

Organ Trafficking is a major issue all over the world, where a large number of people are facing health issues. Trafficking of organs had become a common thing in the medical field due to successful transplantation of organs and surgeries. The main cause of Organ Trafficking in every part of the world is the lack of organ donors. Organ donation is one of the helpful things, where involved in a helpful process even after death. As the demand or need for Organs and donation of organs imbalance will raise to illegal ways like this. Poor people who are economically unfit are the most targeted person to sell their organs at a low cost. Those people in need of money or who lack basic needs in their daily routine force them to sell their Organs.

Countries that are developing or underdeveloped have several people involved in Organ Trafficking is selling their organs. The cause for the people to sell their organs in these countries is due to economic problems and needs from the country. The people of these countries are not much educated and were not aware of their health by selling organs. The doctors and medical assistants involve in organ trafficking and target the poor and orphan people to get organs from them. Many of the doctors take out the kidneys during the surgeries from the patients, who came for some health issues to get resolved.

Iran is the only country all over the world that legalizes organ trafficking. In this Iranians should sell their organs to Iranians only not to other nationality people. Organ Trafficking is also known as Red Trafficking. Human Trafficking is also done for Organ Trafficking all over the world. Organ Trafficking is mainly targeting rural area people, orphan people, illiterate people, and some other people. The people who gave their organs will not have profited more whereas the mediator or the doctors will gain more profit. Doctors and medical assistants take the weak of the people who need the money and cash them for their profits.

Many countries like India, America which had a large number of people with illnesses or major health issues need the organs more. As some health issues affect the parts of the body, people who are wealthy enough will buy the organs. Many Southeast Asian countries are majorly involved in Organ Trafficking. Countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka had a large market and mediators for trafficking to other countries. Transplant Tourism is one of the ways where people will migrate to other countries in need to sell their organs to fulfill the needs of people from other countries.

The Government of India bought up the rules for Organ Trafficking and made it an illegal activity. Transplantation of Human Organ Act(THO) was passed by the Indian Government to prohibit the selling and buying of Organs in 1994. All the people around the world should be educated about organ donation and how it improves the lives of other people who are in need. There are many transplantation centers ready to transplant the organs for the needed people legally but the scarcity of organs was reducing the life of other people.

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Conclusion: We believe that the above essays on Organ Trafficking information will be an eye-opener and motivate you to donate organs. The detailed information and disadvantages of Organ Trafficking were explained clearly in the above essays on Human organ trafficking in India. These essays will be helpful for students, aspirants like UPSC & SSC, competitions.

Essay on Organ Trafficking for Students and Children | PDF Download

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