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Essay on My School Life

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Long Essay On My School Life

School life is always been the best time of life. Where we learn everything and have fun with friends. School is a foundation for all the activities we learn and develop. It is the place where we were introduced to the basics of education. School is the sanctuary for acquiring knowledge and our initial steps towards success were laid in the school. School is not just the place for studies, it gives friendship goals, teachers who are remembered for the lifetime, the memories not just end up in enjoyment and grief, they prolong to the sports and extra- circular activities, the rules, and regulations from the school will be carried throughout our life’s.

A school is a place that grows an individual personally and professionally for a superior future. The school will lay a foundation to accomplish the goals and desires of a student. It will enhance interest and drive through an accurate path. School life is the groundwork for the person, who we are today. It has accounted us to recognize and take decisions, how to conduct yourself and value others, the personality of a person is built socially. School life is cherishable for the games and fun with friends, favorite subject and favorite teacher, school prayer, sports day, annual day, children’s day, teacher’s day, and birthdays in schools will always have a separate page to explain.

“The beautiful journey begins at the age of 5, with empty minds and ends at the age of 18, mind full of curiosities, memories, experiences, and joy”.

School Days Are The Best Days!!

  • When we were at school, we wanted to wear our casual outfits. We were bored wearing the same uniform every day. But as we grew up and started going to colleges, we sought after our uniforms back. It was a struggle to choose a dress every day.
  • School vacations and holidays are never given in offices and colleges. We had summer holidays and festival holidays in school. Which we miss now.
  • Friends are never-ending bonds during our school days, as school life is all about childhood, we don’t have any egos and jealousy on classmates. Friends are forever in school life. Life-time friendship is found and grown in school.
  • Teachers who care and strive for us, guiding us to the right path. They are the pillars of every student’s life. They are the second parents for each student, who understand and teach us. We never find such guides/teachers in colleges and universities.
  • We overlook our homework currently. The home works were the detestation during our school days. We were giving many lame excuses for not completing the work.
  • Teachers used to give many punishments for not completing the given homework or not scoring good marks in exams and class tests. There were many varieties of punishments from the teachers like standing for the entire period in the class and sometimes outside the classroom.
  • Rewards for students when they are the best class mentors. “No matter how much you think you hate school, you’ll miss it when you leave”.

Importance Of School Life

A school is a place that gives the traits for possessing a better human in society. All the individuality of beginning and spirit have earned insightful worship and esteem towards teachers and friends. The superior qualities like love for the motherland, responsibilities for assigned duties, respect and devotion towards the elders, caring, and helping are all thought by the school.

All the mistakes and failures in school are the stepping stones for a better and bright future. School days are always treasured.

About My School

My Schooling was done in St. Mary’s Convent. My school is one of the pre-eminent in good education and progress considered all other schools around the locality. My school is one of the most renowned institutions in the state. It has a state board and the ICSE board. It was an established and well-known school. People were waiting to get seats in the school.
The school was the place that gave us many opportunities to learn and explore many things. It also leads a way to develop our skills to the outside world. School playgrounds were allotted with basketball and throw ball courts. We had dance classes two days a week. And also the yoga class a day a week. All these factors had a huge impact on our lives. “Lots of best friends, unforgettable memories, loyal hearts, blossoming faces, and we all get and experience these in the school only”.

My School Life: Images

Conclusion: School life is all about, good friends, discipline and character building, competitions and cooperation, mutual love and self-love, mentorship, and sacrifices. All these features are not just bound to the school, they must be cherishable throughout our lives.

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