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Essay on My School Library

Long Essay on My School Library

A school library is a place that is delimited within the school premises with plentiful books and various kinds of resources that are handy to the students, staff, and parents. A library is a storehouse of knowledge, and it plays an important role in the realm of knowledge.  The school library serves as the hub and firm for all materials that are used in the school.

Books play a crucial part in an individual’s life. Books are the powerhouse of information, they enhance our potential, to acquire knowledge over our interests, books are essential. A school library is a place where books are set up in a wide variety based on different subjects. Students and teachers are permitted to borrow any book they need, they can return the book after they are done with the interpretation of the information they require. The issue date and the return date for the book are documented by the authority in the library. If students need the same book for a few more days they can renew the return date of the book. The purpose of a school library is to congregate the academic requirements of the meticulous educational organization which it serves.

Importance of a School Library

  • A school Library offers its students and teachers a wide range of books. The books accessible are both fiction and reference categories. This encourages a person to develop an interest in reading. And also facilitates not only academic growth but also self-development
  • Librarian has an important role to play in the effective functioning of the school library. School librarian mainly performs the role of a teacher, information specialist, instructional partner, and program administrator.
  • The school library is set up in such a way that, every student and teacher is comfortable with the environment. It is just the thing that is so very perfect, for acquiring knowledge and learning process without any distractions. Learning and grasping the power of a person are enhanced.
  • School libraries are equipped with the latest technology and digital tools which make them trouble-free and quick in exploring the information based on the relevant subject.
  • All types of books we can access in the school library like fictional, nonfiction, reference, literature books, biographies, general knowledge books, tales, folktales, poetry, craft books, etc.
  • The school library provides the facility of borrowing a book for its school members. The books can be borrowed and taken home for learning. Not only the subject-based books but all the other types of books also can be borrowed.
  • The school library provides its teachers access to proficient progress, appropriate information, and orientation bits and pieces to plan and execute for effectual learning purposes.
  • The school library is very important to the students as they can research topics on their assignments and can complete them. Students can also prepare for their exams apart from their textbooks, for more information on the subject. They can make notes and prepare for the exams.
  • A library is a place where one can discover a large number of books on different subjects and topics. A person can spend time in the library to acquire knowledge over various aspects, improve their vocabulary, communication skills, writing skills, and reading skills.

Relation Between Education And Library

Education is the process of achieving knowledge, principles, skillfulness, way of life, and values. It is the communal progression where students are subjected to lead a better life with all the responsibilities in society. Personal and professional enhancement of a person is the objective of education. School is an environment to attain the foundation for a better life.

A School Library is the motivating force for all the factors that will possess a superior life. The library is the basis and the powerhouse for information, which is imperative for the enhancement of an individual’s knowledge and education.

The role of a library in an individual’s life is gathering the mounting requirements of people and in the literacy rate of people. It is vital for self-education, a means of providing information and knowledge. Education is a system that enhances the people for better living. Books in school libraries provide essential factors like religious, educational, encouraging, innovative, and reading experiences. Education and library are interconnected and primarily exist together with each other.


  • During our school days, we have a separate period assigned to the library.
  • The library had many sections, each section was of different books that were specialized for every subject.
  • The types of books my school library processed were on general knowledge, academic subjects, biographies, narrative, craft books, storybooks, poem books, fable and
    folktales, and many other types of books were available.
  • I along with my friends used to go to the library and explore all the books, which lead interest in reading.
  • And also it helped in writing essays in competitions conducted by the school.
  • Visiting a school library helps in the progress of reading and writing at an early age, it continues for our future development too.

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