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Essay on My plans for summer vacation: Herewith, We are composing an Essay on My plans for summer vacation for Students and Children in English. So the Children and Students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 can refer to this complete article not only to plan their adventurous and interesting summer vacation but also to perform their comprehensive tasks and class assignments well.

Short Essay on My Plans for Summer Vacation:

Essay on My plans for summer vacation for Students and Children in English: Summer Vacation is a relaxing and enjoyable time for the students and children as they get rid of the same routine life. Though there is a high degree of temperature children love the Summer holidays as they get freedom from going to school and doing homework.

Summer Vacation is an enjoyable time for kids and students as they get a chance to do a lot of things such as playing various games, eating ice cream, surfing, singing, and trying out different hobbies.

To enjoy nearly 45 valuable days we have to plan in advance what to do on a summer vacation. I have been waiting for summer vacation anxiously. Once the exams get completed, I will be free from the academic obligations nearly for a period of 45 days at least. So I have planned how I will spend my summer vacation and am more excited to share those plans with you.

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My Plans for Summer Vacation:

  • During this summer vacation, the first thing I have to do is visit my grandparents. My grandparents reside in my ancestral village and look after the Mangoes and guavas Garden. Due to academic obligations, I have not met them for 2 years. So I want to spend at least 1week with my grandparents.
  • Then I have to meet my childhood friends and relatives in my native village. My childhood friends are very lovable and caring. They are waiting for me because we all have planned to do a lot of things such as going to fields, Mangoes and guavas garden, Preparing various dishes at home, spending time with my friends, and relatives, etc.,
  • Another plan I have to share about my summer vacation is playing childhood games such as hide and seek, Gilli-danda, kho-kho, etc., all these games have been entertaining Indian village children for centuries. I have to play all these games with my friends and my native village children.
  • Another thing I have planned for summer vacation is learning dance. I love dancing so I want to join a dance institution to become a good dancer. Dance refreshes your mind, if you learn to convert your emotions into dance steps, you will be free from depression and stress.
  • My other Plan during this summer vacation is to learn music. I am blessed with a good voice Besides I am very interested to learn music under a good sing along with that, I will learn one musical instrument that is the guitar.
  • At last, My plan for this summer vacation is to take yoga classes. As I have a dream to become a good dancer, my body must be flexible. Yoga has numerous benefits such as it increases flexibility, relieving the mind from stress, reducing weight, increasing muscle strength and tone, etc.,

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Conclusion: In the Essay on My plans for summer vacation for Students and Children in English, I want to conclude that the time of summer vacation must not be wasted. In my opinion, children and students should not waste their time I do not mean that they should not enjoy their summer vacation, they have to enjoy their own time at the same time they have to learn some skills because the skill that we learn will be there with us for a lifetime.

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