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Essay on My Favourite Subject

Long Essay on My Favourite Subject

In the life of every student, they have their favorite subject. Every student outshines in some subjects and lacks in a few subjects. There are very few students who are superior in all the subjects. More or less each has favoritism towards the subject they are fond of. Either art, sports, or academics are not a constrain. The favorite subject is all right.

Individually, English is my favorite subject. The highest marks scoring subject of mine was English because it is effortless to comprehend and gain knowledge of. English is the verbal communication used in all the other subjects. It is pleasing to study.

Other subjects are liked too, but English comes first on my list. The subject is never boring, it is so gratifying to study.

Favouritism for English

The subject is with a lot of stories and lessons. The grammar in the subject helps in communication. These communication skills help in the progress of our careers.

Since our childhood, we have grown up, by listening and reading stories. Our grandparents, parents, sister, and brothers have narrated many stories to us. Through which our ability towards reading and learning has developed.

English is a subject that gives you admittance to reading. The subject enhances reading and writing skills. It buffs up our reading skills, through which the other subjects are also understandable. The concept is understood through better listening, writing, and reading skills. This enables us to clutch the notion.

English is a subject with many attributes. It has essay writings, articles, comprehensions, sentence formation, correcting the sentence, framing an own sentence, and many more. Through which our writing skills are enhanced.

Writing skills in an individual help in writing essays, content writing, own website can be developed, blogs can be handled, YouTube channels can be executed through which you can make income. It gives you career opportunities. An individual can make revenue through these factors. It also helps in leading a life.

The subject English helps us to cope with other subjects the academics. Accurate and organized answers can be put forth in the other relevant subjects.

English is the subject with stories and poems. Poems are so endearing, they convey meaning in them, though they are simple. Stories depict the actions in front of your vision. Which in turn helps us to make the right decision, if any similar situation arose in our lives.

Marks Gaining Subject

English has always been the most marks scoring subject. These subject marks take my name to first place in the list, of top 10 marks scored by students. Comparatively, in other subjects, I am an average student. But in English, my name goes first.

English does not require any formulas, calculations, period of happenings, and never demand word-to-word answers in any exams. Students can implement their own words in the answering session. Teachers in English not just to teach, the way they approach students is so satisfying. Importantly, not just English is my favorite subject. From my schooling teachers who I like, were my English teachers. They were so friendly and understanding.

Comparatively, teachers in other subjects just teach the lessons in the corresponding subject, they stick on to the aspects in the books. English is the subject that is explained sentence by sentence. Other subjects are based on theories and formulas that need to be mugged up. A simple mistake in the other subject can’t formulate the answer. But, in English words can take their place.

Conclusion: English is my most liked subject. English is also an option for career building. It allows expressing your thoughts.

Essay On My Favourite Subject for Student and Children | PDF Download

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