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Essay On My Dream

Here we have written an essay on My Dream for students and children in English so that the students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 can refer to this complete article to complete their comprehensive assignments, classwork, and competitions and we have also written this essay intending to educate people about the Dreams so that everyone can read this article to know about Dreams.

Essay on My Dream for Students and Children

Every individual existing on the planet has a desire to achieve something immense. This desire to accomplish his/her ideas for the intense future is the goal.

Achieving the set goals, and striving harder and harder to accomplish them, is a DREAM. Determined hard work and focus, towards the exact alleyway that can fulfill your Dreams.

During our childhood, If we were asked “What is Your Dream?”, many answers were pouring from us – A doctor, An Engineer, A Pilot, A Teacher, the list goes on. But as time pass, desire and ambition remain integral. Determination and focus on the work, enable us to achieve Goals.


Dream plays a significant role in one’s existence. Only when you have a dream do you get motivated towards it and make every effort for it.

Essay on My Dream | Attributes for Fulfilling Dreams

  • Self Confidence: Confidence is believing in yourself, and achieving what you want
    in your life. Never compare yourself with others. Confidence from the frontward ladder to your journey of success.
  • Determination: Determination is the strongest step to success. Many problems may
    come in the path of success, but with well-built determination, you can give flying wings to your dreams.
  • Focus: “Everybody is not perfect” be appropriate to the blunder we make. Stop digging the mistake, instead focus on what to do next, and how to rectify the mistake. Distractions come to pass in countless ways instead of blaming them, improve your focus. This can acquire your goal.
  • Responsible: Jam-packed responsibility should be taken, towards the relevant goal to be attained. Success is attained by taking responsibility on his/her shoulder. Negligence will never make way to success.
  • Appreciate Yourself: Set small tasks that help you to reach your dreams. When the targets are achieved, reward yourself. The rewards can be anything a small appreciation letter to yourself, A new pen, A small chocolate, or anything. This keeps you motivated.
  • The aim, Vision, Purpose: Aim – Something that you can dot, all the way through when you achieve them. Vision – When things go wrong, vision helps you stay firm to accomplish your aim. Purpose – What is happening to your goal and why is it in existence.
  • Take Leisure Time: Continuous hard work doesn’t mean working 24/7, due to this people start losing interest and get de-motivated. Taking gaps between can sustain, same interest. Leisure time can be spent on your hobbies or other activities.
  • Positive Impact: Your thoughts and ideas can be affected in infinite ways, either encouraging or discouraging. Criticism can lead to a negative impact on ambition. So, spending time with people who appreciate you and have positive thoughts can accomplish dreams.
  • Failure is Ok!!: “Failure is the stepping stone to success” Only when we make mistakes, we learn “what to do”, and “what not to do” Mistakes are acceptable, but not often. Every mistake should be a process of learning. Mistakes polish you and make you shine if used wisely.

Essay on My Dream | How To Accomplish Your Goals??

Ladder steps to Achieve your Dreams

  • Get on to action: Taking relevant verdict on your goal.
  • Work hard: Try, try, until you thrive.
  • Practice: Experiment and observe the required attributes to accomplish your
  • Make your way: Create your path to success. If you succeed, people will
    follow you.
  • Seek help: Advice should always be welcomed. Ask for help from others, in things you are not confident about.
  • Give your best: May the best be yours. Go to the extreme levels to give your best.
  • Never Give Up: Mistakes come to pass in every aspect of life. Affix, the mistakes to the process of learning. Learning helps in edifice your dreams.

My Dreams: Images

Dreams Image Dreams cartoon Image My Dreams Quotes

Conclusion: Dreams are the milestones for success. They are easy to imagine, but hard work and scarifies are key elements to success.

There will be Barriers.

There will be Pessimists.

There will be Blunders.

But with hard work,

There are no limits.

Keeping all of these in mind, Life can be given colors.

Life can be made Beautiful.

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