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Essay On My City

Essay On My City: A City is hefty human defrayal. It can be defined as an enduring and compactly settled place with governmentally distinct limitations whose members work mainly on non-agriculture responsibilities. Cities, in general, have all-embracing structures for housing, property employment, transportation, cleanliness, needs, requirements, and communication.

Cities are the metropolitan setup that provides shelter and livelihood to the people. Every individual has an attachment and connection towards a specific city, either born and brought up in the city or settled in the city. Every city has its elegant features and specialties. As we grow up we either stay or leave the city we grow up in. But the love for the city we are emotionally attached to will be everlastingly cherished.

My City

My City is not just the place I live in but a vital part of my recognition. Every inhabitant has memories for a lifetime to be cherished. I live in Hyderabad City, the capital of Telangana. Hyderabad is the fourth most populated city and the sixth most populated accumulation in the country. In the earlier days both the states, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana were just a single State, where Hyderabad was the capital for both. Due to many differences and the majority of people’s support of the partition in states took its toll. Now they are two different states. People with different cultures and traditions live in the city. The city is built on an undulating topography and has a lot of non-natural lakes. It is eye-catching and striking the city. The city was earlier renowned for the trading and dealing of diamonds.

Hyderabad has many names, It is called As The City of Pearls, The City of Lakes, and also The City of Nizams. Hyderabad is one of the high-speed progressed urban assortment in India. The city is located in the southeast part of the Deccan Plateau.

History Of Hyderabad

Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah established Hyderabad City in the year 1591. His rule was over a century before the Mughals established their rule in Hyderabad. The ruler of the Mughal Dynasty, Asif Jah who was the viceroy, formed the Nizams of Hyderabad in the year 1724. After some time, the Nizams became the princely state and were the rulers of the region. It was under the princely state until the British took over the power. The Monuments and the Historical sites are still under the name of Qutb Shah, which is still visible to the people. Later the city was governed by the Britishers.

After the Independence for our country was accomplished, Hyderabad became the capital of Andhra Pradesh. Although in the year 2014, there were partitions in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, the states got separated from each other. Hyderabad will serve as the joint capital from both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana until the year 2025.

Languages In My City

Hyderabad is a place for all people, irrespective of religion and traditions. People of various cultures, caste, creeds, languages, gender are found in the city. But the primary languages used in the city are Hindi, Telugu, and Urdu.

Architecture and Culture In My City

My City is a place that has a lot to present when it appears to Art and Culture. There are many places to visit, the Monuments in the City are astonishing. It is a place for tourist visits. My City is a place which must be visited by a person at least once in a lifetime. The Historical monuments to natural gateways to lip-smacking world-renowned cuisine to charming shopping places the city has its own specialty. It is a city with diverse cultures, literature, art, architecture, jewelry, and the best food.

Charminar is known for its elegance and shopping. The Bangles, the pearls in his place attract everybody. Hyderabad has many places to be visited like the Birla Mandir, Ramoji Film City, Golconda Fort, Hussain Sagar, Jala Vihar, Nehru Zoo Park, Tank Bund, and many other places. My City is a place for many celebrations and occasions, people celebrate all the festivals. They meet and greet each other during this festival season. The city is the heart of entertainment. Hyderabad is known for The Telugu Film Industry. The Briyani in Hyderabad is famous worldwide. My City Hyderabad is a place for all the people, the cost of living is affordable for all.

Conclusion: My City – Hyderabad is a place that is a blend of history and modernity. Every city has its own significance and love for its citizens.

Essay on My City for Students and Children | PDF Download

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