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Essay on Mothers Love

In this article, We have composed an Essay on Mothers Love for Students and Children in English or Long Essay on Mothers Love. In today’s technology era, many of us are leading a very busy life, We don’t make time for our mother, we don’t recognize our mother’s love. In this creation, Mother’s love is something that never ends and never dies. So we desire to compose this Essay on mother’s love not only to assist the students in their Essay Writing Competition but also to make them aware of the love of their mother.

Long Essay on Mothers Love

A mother’s love is patient and forgiving when all others are forsaking, it never fails, or falters, even though the heart is breaking. When you look into your mother’s eyes, you know that is the purest love you can find on this earth. Mothers love is bliss is peace, it need not be acquired, it need not be deserved. If it is there, it is like a blessing; if it is not there it is as if all the beauty had gone out of life. No language can express the power, beauty, heroism, and majesty of a mother’s love. Mother’s love is a fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible work.

In this creation, every living organism (animals, insects, birds, etc.,) experiences mother’s love but the difference between us and species is we can put mother love in words. A mother is the first teacher to her child because she not only pampers and nourishes but also she teaches moral values to her child. Mother bears great responsibility on her shoulders in leading her family, even she is tired of home chores she never tired of showing love and affection towards her children. We often misunderstand the guidance of our mother in our life instead of being grateful for the sacrifices she does for us. we show rudeness and disobedience towards her, even she is hurt by our rude behavior, she is the one who forgives and understands us always by showing unconditional love towards us.

A mother always works hard for her child whether she is healthy or not, no matter it is a good time or bad time and she doesn’t care whether you are obedient to her words or not, She never thinks whether you are showing the same love and affection towards her, She always loves, cares her children unconditionally. She is the one who sacrifices her beauty, energy, and everything she has only for the sake of her children’s happiness. She works consistently for the bright future of her children.

She is the best role model to her children, She always guides her children on how to lead a life, she always encourages how to overcome difficulties, She teaches her children how to respect elders. She is the Guider, motivator, teacher, superheroine, etc., She is the meaning and symbol of love, affection, caring, and sacrifice. Mother’s love is the most unconditional and purest form of love, of all the gifts that life has to offer, a loving mother is the greatest of them all. A mother’s love will never end it is there from beginning to end.

10 lines on Mothers Love

1. A woman shouldn’t bring a child to life unless she is happy and contented with herself.
2. As children, we should honor the love and sacrifices of our parents.
3. A mother’s love is beyond comparison.
4. Mothers have a sense beyond the other five normal senses that makes can understand their child’s needs.
5. Mothers are like angels or the human form of God on this very Earth for us.
6. A bond between child and mother is from even before the child first sees the light, in comparison to that of the father’s love.
7. A perfect mother strives to provide healthy food and ethical values to her children.
8. A mother’s instinct to guard and protect her child starts the moment she learns about the pregnancy.
9. Children should work and pray for our mother’s good health and well-being and try to keep her happy for all that she has ever done for us.
10. A mother’s emotional and physical presence during the growing years of a child is vital for its growth (especially regarding the growth of some psychological aspects)

Poems on Mothers Love:

A mother’s love is a wonderful love packaged from heaven with special care.
A mother’s love is like no other love that you can compare.
A mother’s love is purified by angels and flows directly from her soul.
A mother’s love is justified by God, and by his hands, he created the mold.
This mold that was shaped and fashioned by God has endured the test of time.
This mold that was taped and recorded by women rang out like a heavenly chime.
A mother’s love is unconditional, and from her heart, this can be told.
A mother’s love is nutritional; it is the fruit that feeds our soul.
A mother’s love ‘IS’ true love, and from her heart, she cannot lie.
A mother’s love is eternal, the kind that won’t ever die.
A mother’s love is the tie that binds, and her bond can never be broken.
A mother’s love is branded in our hearts, even when her words aren’t spoken.

–Leotha Brown

“my mother the sparrow
my mother the nest
my mother the branches
my mother the leaves
my mother the tree who cut and whittled herself to build me
a boat offering safe passage
my eyes watch our slow sailing reflection in the water
in its stillness, it’s almost impossible to tell
if the tiny yellow lights scattered across its surface are
mirrored stars or crocodile eyes”

― Sabrina Benaim

Quotes on Mothers Love

“Mother’s love is infinite.
A child can’t outgrow it and a mother can’t conceal it”  ― Michael Bassey Johnson,

“A mother’s love is like your soul, though she is dead or alive, she will live in your soul;
― P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar

“All the forces on this planet will never beat that of a mother’s love.” ― Elle Smith,

“A mother’s love gives us the best inspiration and energy to grow up as a human being in this garden of humanity” ― Debasish Mridha

…it is composed of two characters. The first means pain; the second means love. That is a mother’s love.” ― Lisa See,

“For whom will a woman lie? Sometimes for herself, usually for the man she loves, always for her children.” ― Agatha Christie,

“The meaning of life is the smile of a mother.”― Lilly

“Great mother’s are benevolent beings with an irreplaceable supreme love.”― Wayne Chirisa

“A mother loves her children unconditionally. However they wrong her, she’ll carry on loving them.” ― Alaa Al Aswany

“Mother’s love created our awe-inspiring moral sense” ― Jeremy Griffith,

“A mother’s love is more beautiful than any fresh flower.” ― Debasish Mridha

Message on Mothers Love

“From her thighs, she gives you life
And how you treat she who gives you life
Shows how much you value the life given to you by the Creator.
And from seed to dust
There is ONE soul above all others —
That you must always show patience, respect, and trust
And this woman is your mother.
And when your soul departs your body
And your deeds are weighed against the feather
There is only one soul who can save yours
And this woman is your mother.
And when the heart of the universe
Asks her hair and mind,
Whether you were gentle and kind to her
Her heart will be forced to remain silent
And her hair will speak freely as a separate entity,
Very much like the seaweed in the sea —
It will reveal all that it has heard and seen.

This woman whose heart has seen yours,
First before anybody else in the world,
And whose womb had opened the door
For your eyes to experience light and more —
Is your very own MOTHER.
So, no matter whether your mother has been cruel,
Manipulative, abusive, mentally sick, or simply childish
How you treat her is the ultimate test.
If she misguides you, forgive her and show her the right way
With simple wisdom, gentleness, and kindness.
And always remember,
That the queen in the Creator’s kingdom,
Who sits on the throne of all existence,
Is the same as yours.
And her name is,
― Suzy Kassem,

Conclusion: In Conclusion, We hope that the above-composed Essay on Mothers Love for Students and Children in English or Long Essay on Mothers Love will be helpful not only to perform well in the essay writing competition on Mothers Love but also to realize the unconditional love of your mother if you don’t recognize her limitless love.

Essay on Mothers Love for Students and Children in English | PDF Download

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