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Essay on Life In A Indian Village

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Long Essay On Life in an Indian Village

India is a country with a milieu of agriculture. Agriculture is a self-sustainable activity for the majority of the people in India. Agriculture is practiced only in the villages. One-third of the Indian population survives in the villages.

Indian villages are striking and peaceful. The environment is so pleasant and calm. The beauty of the village is incomparable to any of the places in the city. People lead a simple life. People in villages are always there to lend a hand if we are in trouble. They love and enjoy mother earth and its attractive nature.

Villages are all over with green fields and fresh breeze. “Village is a place where you can find peace, strength, inspiration and most importantly nature and beautiful life.

Life in a Village

People leading a life in a village are straightforward and hardworking. They woke up early in the morning. Begin their day with daily errands. The majority of people in the villages follow agriculture as the way of life and method of living. People carry on dissimilar activities engaged with agriculture.

Men are the head of the family. Look after the progress in agriculture. He works hard, strives for his people.

Women are depicted in the household toil. Upholding and conscientiousness over the house are controlled by the women. Girl child in the family is imposed to learn the household chores, they are not let to study as they believe, women are only for housework and there is no use of education. They are taught about cleaning utensils, cooking, stitching, and helping their mother in the work.

Advantages in a Village Life

  • Passive Atmosphere: Indian villages are the most beautiful and elegant. They are bliss to eyes. Villages are free from pollution as there is no vast number of vehicles found in these regions. They are away from the shove and flurry in the cities.
  • Plain Existence: The way of life in the village is simple. People are happy and satisfied
    with what they have. The needs and requirements are fulfilled and they are satisfied, lead a happy and simple life. People are hardworking, helpful, and disciplined.
  • The beauty of Nature: The beauty of nature is limitless and has no boundaries. A village is a place where you find peace of mind.
  • Pollution-free Environment: The village is pollution-free as people go on walks or use bicycles. The vehicles are extremely minimal in the villages. The harmful smoke emitted by vehicles is not found in villages. It is pollutant-free.
  • Healthy Environment: As the village is gratis from pollution, the antagonism among
    people is nil. As they lead their own life and irrespective of others, they are physically and mentally healthy. A stress-free environment is attained in a village.

“If you are at a village, and in this calm environment, one starts to hear an echo”. Though villages have many pros, meanwhile, it poses many cons too.

Disadvantages in a Village Life

  • Medical Facilities: There are no proper hospitals and caretakers. Villages have small
    clinics with limited facilities. If there is an emergency people must rush in search of hospitals to cities.
  • Fundamental Facilities: Basic needs like electricity, sanitation, water problems are
    observed in many areas. Life in such places is truly hard-hitting.
  • Education Facilities: Schools in villages lack good infrastructure. Teachers and
    management are not well-trained. Schools are located far from the place they belong, as the reason people need to travel. Which kills your time and difficult to pose.
  • Career Scope: As villages mostly pose agriculture, there are not many companies
    established, so people lack the opportunities for a better future.
  • Stable Mindset: People in villages still follow the old customs and traditions. They
    are not ready to cope with the new technology and developments in the country.

Life in an Indian Village: Images


People in villages value their relations, forgive and forget things. They let go of things, They lead a life of happiness and joy. They live in harmony. “The sun does not forget a village just because it is small”.

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