Essay On Life in a Big City for Students and Children | PDF Download

Essay on Life In A Big City

In this article, we are providing an essay on Life in a Big City. Advantages, Disadvantages, Images. Students can go through this page for more information on Life in a Big City.

Essay On Life in a Big City for Students and Children

Life in a big city is always growing and moving. There will be many opportunities for people to learn and grow economically. There will be lots of chances for each individual to grow professionally. The lifestyle in a big city will vary when we compared it to the places we live. Life in the big city is very fast and people with smart minds and intelligence can easily survive in the big city.

The scope of every personal growth and development is high when compared to towns and villages. The parents who live in villages and towns will always show interest in sending their children to the big cities to make them study and to see them well settled.

These situations give chance to each individual to participate in various activities and events that help them to express their views and ideas. Furthermore, there will be several activities that any student can perform outside school and college cities. It makes the students think broadly and they will be more self-confident in themselves when compared to kids and students in the villages.

In big cities, there will be more profit in both business and career opportunities for everyone. There will be not much scope in the villages when compared to the towns and villages. Many companies and industries in cities will offer good job opportunities to the people based on their educational qualifications. In addition to it, the scenario of business is profitable in the city. The companies in the city will be connected with the other cities and parts of the country, which give many opportunities who are living in the city.

Although man has completely abounded from nature. They never get pleasure from nature. The sun, moon, and stars are never seemed by the people in the city. People are always in a rush and under pressure. City Life is full of competition, only people with elegance can make way to lead a life of happiness in the city. Moreover, those who live in big cities can’t get accustomed to living in villages.

City life is a kick and constant worry. People are always in an urgency to get hold of incredible things. The competition in city life leads to all the issues. There is no discrepancy between day and night in city life. In the meantime, the city is a hub for all the startups, it gives many opportunities for people to get established in their lives.

City life has enhanced infrastructure, good education facilities, development personally and professionally, business in the city leads to the economic growth of the country. Furthermore, let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages of living in the city.

Advantages of Life in a Big City

  • Learning Conveniences: Big cities are imposed with international and national schools, with primary and secondary education. The staff in the city schools are well educated and well-disciplined. They empower students with building a better future. Colleges are enhanced for students to provide good education facilities.
  • Livelihood Construction: Career opportunities are at an innumerous range in the cities. Many international companies are set up in cities. People can acquire jobs related to their desires and knowledge.
  • Remedial Amenities: Many hospitals are encompassed with high-end medical facilities.
    All the health issues are treated, cured in the city hospitals. Doctors and the other staff in the urbanized hospitals are qualified and dignified.
  • Infrastructure: All the factors in the city are progressed and developed compared
    to the villages. The roads, parks, transportation, markets, and other requirements are equipped with all the latest technologies.
  • Frivolous Activities: Many shopping malls, restaurants, movie halls are set for people to get entertained in their leisure. Foodfest, exhibitions, concerts, plays are organized regularly to keep people entertained.

Disadvantages of Life in a Big City

  • Cost of Living is High: The livelihood of people in the city is expensive, compared to people who live in villages. Lifestyle and food habits along with the rents that are payable in cities make a huge difference in savings and leading a life.
  • Busy Schedule: People are always busy, their stress levels are always high as
    compared to people in the village. They work round the clock. They are busy 24/7. There is no quality time spent with family.
  • High Pollution: People in the city are in millions. Every individual has their
    vehicles. Thousands of cars and motorcycles in cities emit harmful chemicals in the form of smoke. This leads to health issues and pollutes the environment.
  • Competition: City life is an urge to conquer opportunities. People are competitive in all fields, either in education, jobs, business, or many other factors. People always wish to be ahead of others. This leads to anxiety.

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Conclusion: “God made the country and Man-made the city”.

Life in a big city is with many advantages, although it poses cons. Life has many opportunities in the city. Hard work and determination can attain success in everybody’s life.

Essay on Life in a Big City for Students and Children | PDF Download

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