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What is Intolerance? Intolerance indicates hesitation to respect people who belong to different religions or caste, especially minority group people. Intolerance in a country can lead to fights, increase the crime rate, and a pause to the countries development, etc. Intolerance will start through culture, religion, caste, creed, and many unaccepted beliefs. As the previous points similarly the below essay on Intolerance was described with key points. The below essay on Intolerance in India was included with effects caused on the people and the country’s development.

Short Essay on Intolerance in 250 words

Intolerance is a state of Unwillingness to take or respect the beliefs, practices, ideas related to other religions, caste, nationalities. This Intolerance can lead to violence between people of different caste and religions. The higher caste people will start discriminating against the lower caste, minority group people. Intolerance makes people’s minds not allow them to live united, freely and breaks the social rights of the people. In the olden days of India, there was religious Intolerance which leads to fighting between Pakistan and India. In the present day also the Intolerance can be seen in a few areas in some states and mainly covered in the villages.

Intolerance changes the mindset of people to live with people who belong to the same caste or religion. As the people develop the Intolerance in the society which can make the country to divide into parts. Intolerance makes people cannot work or live in a society with freedom. In the history of India, many rules were developed against intolerance in the kingdom, by killing or punishing the people of different regions, lower caste. The country to run under democracy, the government to maintain tolerance in the people of the country and people should be educated to move towards a tolerant direction. If Intolerance was seen in a country, that country cannot see the development, literacy, all the people unable to get essential things, etc. So people should maintain compassion towards the religions, faiths, traditions, trust of all the people in the country.

Long Essay on Intolerance in 500 words 

Intolerance is a state that will not accept the people’s beliefs, faiths of other caste or religions. Intolerance was still active in various parts of the world in many countries. Some countries maintain nationality intolerance, whereas these countries cannot combine with the other nationality people and start discriminating against them. In the past, a huge number of countries and their people adopted intolerance which may lead to wars and dividing of the kingdoms and ruling. The best example of Intolerance in Indian History is diving in India and Pakistan, where a large number of people died.

Intolerance separates the individual living in society and further results in the division of the country. It makes people and society without freedom for all people. The discrimination between the people and all religions will arise and result in fights, wars, and death to a large number of people. If the democracy needs to run without hurdles the Intolerance should not present in the people’s minds. The government should think about their people’s imagination and should motivate the people accordingly to live in peace. Every country’s government has a major role in the present modern days of the world. All the acts, laws should not hurt any caste and religious feelings and beliefs. The government should work with all the religions and caste and should only consider their economical efficiency.

The intolerance was growing among the youth in the present days of the world. All the countries are working with nationality intolerance, which provides all the opportunities in the country to their nationality people. As the countries themselves develop intolerance among the people can lead to the development of the country. By national intolerance, the people cannot move into the country for their needs and help the country. In the present days the unemployment is increasing day by day, the people in their countries demanding the government to bring the policies and other gains to their nationality people only. Thus the youth also follow the intolerance with the other people. Thus the youth think further and can attempt crimes on other people. The education in the country will not move further and finally, it leads to the downfall of the country in every race.

Social Intolerance was present in the olden days in India. B.R Ambedkar’s life was the best example of Social intolerance. Low caste people are not allowed in any activities like schooling, enjoyment, they just have to live slavery under the high caste people. Social Intolerance means breaking human rights and no freedom for people to live in society. The conclusion for Essay on Intolerance is it will not make the path for the peaceful and successful life of the people. All religious leaders should teach their people to make a united society and think in a positive direction. All people should inculcate tolerance in their daily life and respect every person. Tolerance can make the country to be united and on the other side, intolerance will break the country and can lead to huge lives losses for the country.

Quotes on Intolerance in English

  • Tolerance of intolerance is cowardice.
  • Tolerance of intolerance enables oppression
  • Tolerance is not a synonym of Weakness
  • Intolerance is evidence of impotence.
  • Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding.
  • Intemperance and intolerance serve no one and hatred guarantees failure.
  • Intolerance is itself a form of violence and an obstacle to the growth of a true democratic spirit.
  • To know a person’s religion we need not listen to his profession of faith but must find his brand of intolerance.
  • The devil loves nothing better than the intolerance of reformers.
  • We should therefore claim, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant.

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