Essay On Indian Heritage and Culture in Simple English

Essay On Indian Heritage

Essay On Indian Heritage – It means what we take over from our ancestors and from our ancient times to follow for our life. India is rich in its culture and heritage. It is a land with diverse cultures and traditions. People of various caste, creeds, religions, languages, gender reside in our motherland. Every individual in the country has their own set of principles and ethics. People follow their religions and inherit the popular and historical heritage from their religions. These heritage facts were followed millions of years ago, but they still survive in the country and are observed and pursued by the people. Indians celebrate and value the principle and ethics of our ancestors for ages. All this contributes to the elegance of India.

Essay On Indian Heritage and Culture in Simple English

In this article, you can learn about the sub-topics of Indian heritage and culture.

  • Indian customs and traditions
  • Art forms of India
  • Literature of India
  • Monuments of India
  • The esteem of Indian heritage

Indian Customs And Traditions

There may be new-fangled revolutionaries and technologies in the country, but the traditions and cultures in the land will forever be prosperous. People follow their customs, traditions, cultures, and they give respect to others individuals. They live and let live in a country that is diverse. People are understanding and caring for each other beliefs and customs. They are humble and harmony prevails in the country.

The traditions and customs are followed by our ancestors, they surpass them to us, and we incorporate the same into the future generations. And this will carry on forever. India is the hub for many festivals, people celebrate each festival according to their own set of principles. People in India, meet and greet loved ones and others with a lot of affection and love.

Our customs and traditions must be treasured and preserved for a lifetime. From our childhood, we were taught about morals and ethics, the Indian Culture, respect, and humanity for all the creatures. We were taught about the good and the bad situations and the end result of our actions. All the wonderful things should be carried out throughout our lives. And should be implanted in the younger generation for a better and progressive nation and survival.

Art Forms Of India

India is renowned for its art and culture. India possesses many forms of traditional dances, the essence of music, the paintings of its own kind. The dance forms like the Bharatanatyam, Kuchupudi, Kathak, Odissi, Kathakali, Manipuri have taken their origin from India. Music like the Thumri, Carnatic Music, Rabindra Sangeet, Folk Music, and Odissi are the contributions of India in the music field. And the paintings of India like the Tanjore Paintings, Madhubani, Mughal, Mysore Paintings are beautiful forms that took their origin from India.

Literature Of India

Indian Literature holds its eminence as equal to the culture in the country. There are many books written by philosophers from ancient times till date. The Vedic literature, Epic Sanskrit and the Classical Sanskrit, Prakrit Literature, Pali Literature are among the other kinds of literature of India. Indian books are written by some of the most scholarly men who have ever survived on the globe. They shed pearls of wisdom and true circumstance that happened during their period of survival and also they provide courage and positivity to the people.

All the great things should be cherished and treasured forever. Proper measures must be implemented for preference of the heritage dedicatory factors to the future generations.

Monuments Of India

The monuments of India are an addition to the heritage. The structures and architecture in the monument are awe-inspiring designs. Ajanta and Ellora caves, Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Mysore Palace, Qutub Minar, Buddhist Monuments, Hawa Mahal are some of the heritage showcasing monuments of India.

Esteem of Indian Heritage

  • The love and respect towards the Nation and its rich culture and heritage must be taught for the kids at home and at the school as well.
  • People should take and have the conscientiousness to cite the worship and fondness towards the Indian Heritage for the younger generations.
  • This will help future generations to develop respect and affection towards the country and the preference for its rich heritage and culture.


India is a country with all the ingredients of life. The culture, traditions, literature, monuments, and the different art forms make it dissimilar from all the other countries. We must respect, protect, love, and adore our country.