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Essay On Indian Farmers

Essay On Indian Farmers: The person who is involved in agriculture, and raise the
living creatures that provide food and other essentials for leading a proper and healthy life is the Farmer.

India is a country with an agricultural background. The prosperity of the country is majorly dependent on agriculture. Agriculture is carried out through the Farmer. Farmer is the backbone of India. Most of the population in India sustain their life’s in the villages. The main occupation of the people in the villages is agriculture. They provide us with food and give us the essential commodities for survival.

Farmers are the people, on whom the entire nation is dependent. The progress of the nation and the survival of the people depends on the farmer. They provide food for all the people in the country, even though they are not able to afford food for themselves and their families. They contribute so much to society. Their hand-outs for society are immense. Nevertheless, they face many hardships and difficulties in life, they full fill the needs of people. They face many problems and complex situations in the journey of their lives, but they still keep cultivating for the nation. The farmer plays a major role in the life of people and the progress of the country.

“Farmer does not just work till the sun goes down, They work till the job gets done.”

Importance of a Farmer

  • Primarily, India was dependent on other countries for food grains and essential commodities. India used to import them. As this was a continuous process, the money was exhausted by the country, also the tariff was immensely high. As the reason, India decided on self-sufficient ways to carry out food grains and the production by themselves.
  • During the administration of our second Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri, the slogan was term as “Jai Jawan Jai Kissan”, to motivate and encourage the soldiers and the Farmers. The term still date has its prominence in the country. One Protects the Country and the Other give food to the country.
  • After the evolution of the green revolution in the year 1965, we became more stable and independent in food grains and essential commodities. The surplus of the country took its toll.
  • The Farmers were helped by the green revolution and the modern equipment and methods in it. It increased the production in the country. India is the major producer of its food supplies, due to the farmers in the country.
  • They work tough for the country, due to them India is now a foremost exporter of many items. It is the seventh-largest exporter in the agriculture sector.
  • The farmer plays an important role in the life of people and the development of the nation.

Present Situation Of Farmers

They are the people who feed the whole nation and they struggle to get proper meals for themselves and their families. They face many difficult situations and struggles in their lives. They do not have sufficient money to carry out agriculture and they borrow money from the lenders. If they come out with a good yield, they get profits for it. If any of the natural calamities like heavy rains, floods, insufficient water during the summer can destroy their field, which will again push them to a big loss.

Due to this reason, many farmers commit suicide, by the burden of the money lenders and failure of their cultivation. because of the burden of the money lenders and the failure of their cultivation. The money which was borrowed by them cannot be paid because of the loss in the field. And this cannot make them survive with the family which makes them put in a frightful situation.

Moreover, the pest and fertilizers required for the field are not reliable. Lack of modern technology and equipment. As many farmers are illiterate they are unaware of the up-to-minute technology. As the reason cost the life of Farmers.

Measures To Improve The Life Of Farmers

Corruption in the country must be eliminated. Farmers must be provided with bank loans at low interest for carrying out their process in agriculture.

Government must be the supporting system for them when they are in need, when the crop is destroyed they have to provide the farmers with compensation.

Some of the schemes launched by the government to lend a hand to the farmers are Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana, Soil Health Card Scheme, national Agriculture Market, Paramparagat Krishi Viskas Yojana, National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture.

Conclusion: Farmers are the people who work very hard irrespective of heat and cold, with a simple way of life. They must be given importance and respect. “If you ate today, Thank a Farmer.” We can throw food in a minute but it takes months to grow what we eat.
Let’s Salute The Farmer.

Essay on Indian Farmers for Students and Children | PDF Download

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