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Essay on Indian Education System

Long Essay on Indian Education System

Education plays a noteworthy part in individual life and also in the evolution of the nation. Indian Education is quite an old education system. India is the largest education system in the world. Ever since Independence, India has always been focusing on civilizing the literacy rate in the country. Many measures are implemented by the government to improve the quality of education in India.

The Indian education system had a U-turn during the rule of the British Government, it was developed over time. Our education system evolved with the establishment of the nation by the Britishers. As they wanted few literate people to help them in governing the state, they introduced contemporary education.

History of Indian Education System

The education in India is prosperous and encouraging. In the prehistoric days, scholars and gurus convey tutoring orally, although, with the innovation of alphabets, the writing form came into existence. Books were not accessible during ancient times, palm leaves and bark of the trees were the media for writing. The teaching school was temples and community centers.

Once Buddhism broadened in India, education was accessible to everybody. During this time many universities came into subsistence. Universities like Nalanda, Vikramshila, and Takshashila were established. Nalanda University was given the most prominence, it burgeoned from the fifth century to the 13th century. It consisted of ten thousand students and the teachers on its spin at the lone moment in time.

Later many universities and secondary schools were established in cities like Allahabad, Lucknow, and Delhi. The Hindu and Muslim relations were tremendous in the Medieval period. The knowledge and information in the fields of architecture, painting, philosophy, culture, traditions, doctrine, medicine, astrology, fine arts, religious studies, and arithmetic were enhanced.

Soon after the British indoors India, the education system took a spin and English education came into survival along with the aid of European missionaries. Ever since Western education had significance in the country.

India is a country with a vast education system in the whole world. It has hundreds of institutions in higher education and thousands of colleges allied to them. Our country has placed itself contentedly as a country that endows supremacy in higher education to its citizens in detail and to the world in common.

Indian Education has provided many genius minds that are making and will be making our country proud all over the world. Indian students and proficient people are serving the world and our motherland.

Current Education System In India

The Education system of India is primarily classified into:

  • The Primary Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Senior Secondary Education
  • Higher Education
  • Primary Education is the knowledge of kids acquired from Grade 1 to Grade 8.
  • Secondary Education in Grade 9th and Grade 10th.
  • Senior Secondary education is the 11th and 12th standard, which are termed Intermediate or PUC.

Higher Education starts from the completion of the Intermediate, Students opt for their Graduation course, in various fields based on their interests and knowledge. This course will have a duration of three to five years. Next is Post Graduation which will be dependent on the interest of the students. This course will be for the duration of two or three years. Education in India also offers Scholarships, distance education, and open universities. Through which people can acquire education and progress of the nation is superior.

Indian Education has the World Class Higher Educational Institutions which can contend with the International Educational Institutes. This institution gave privilege and gratitude to the Indian Education System. Some of the institutions that participate with the International systems are the IIT’s, IIM’s, JNTU, IIS, National Law School.

Indian Education provides most of the knowledge in the form of theories and lessons based on the books. The realistic view over knowledge and information is zilch. Students are judged based on their grades and scores in the exams. This is the foremost problem of the education system in India. For instance, a student may be good at a subject and lack in other, the intelligence should not be judged on the marks scored. The marks scored by students mostly are not based on the concept of understanding, they sometimes just mug up the answers. So not just the theories and lessons that must be taught to the students, practical knowledge and experiences must also be given importance. Which in turn, gives them courage and motivation for facing the real world. And also education just gives significance to academics, sports and arts are not encouraged.

Measures To Improve The Quality Of Education

  • Practical knowledge of the subject must be introduced in the education system.
  • The skills and Interests of the students also must be accentuated.
  • The old syllabus must be substituted with the modern system of education.
  • Equipped and trained teachers and staff must be implemented for teaching.

Conclusion: Indian Education System is an effective system that develops citizens for a better future. If proper measures are implemented in this field. Indian Education System will be the leading and efficient one.

Essay on Indian Education System for Students and Children | PDF Download

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