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Essay on Ideal Student

Long Essay on Ideal Student

The word student is meant for learning. Students are the resources of the country. The student is an individual who has goals and desires in a particular field, they strike hard to fulfill them.

Despite, to be an ideal student one must poses fortitude, self-esteem, respect to others and themself, deliberation, loyalty, and love towards their aspiration.

An ideal student is a person conscientious about his/her obligation. They obey their teachers and elders. Respect their parents, Active participation not just in studies, but the extra-curricular activities too. The ideal student is a role model to fellow students. All parents dream about their kids growing up to an ideal student. Teachers appreciate and encourage them.

People are not born with all the essential features that are required to be an Ideal student. They are groomed and nurtured by parents and teachers. They are just the guiding lines in our life, students should have their desire to be Ideal students. The need for good qualities should come within them. The ultimate result is in their hands.

An Ideal Student will be a role model to many, They grow up to be ideal leaders, engineers, doctors, lawyers, and many other fields. This leads to development in society. They set a benchmark for others to think in a superior way.

Ideal students do not just mean their progress in academics. Ideal students must be an incarnation of undemanding livelihood and elevated thoughts.

“The ideal student would be one who was not working for the grades but was working because he was interested in the work and not trying to compete with fellow students”.

Qualities of an Ideal Student

  • AMBITIONS: An ideal student should always aim high. Through which the student sets higher goals for himself in life. Additionally, their performance in academics excels. The passion and desire within the student to extract the knowledge on various fields built. They also take active participation in extra-curricular activities. Great ambitions lead to a great career.
  • HARD WORKER: To attain their goals, they work hard. They give their finest of fine things, in studies and other activities.
  • WILLPOWER: Ideal student will never lay back step in any situation. Many tough times may loom them, but with determination and hard work, they get the triumph.
  • OBEDIENCE AND DISCIPLINED: These are the key roles to be an ideal student. Students must respect and obey their parents, teachers, elders. This put the focus of discipline on an Ideal student. Proper principles should be assigned to themselves.
  • MULTI TALENTS: Ideal student is a problem solver, trustworthy, and takes initiative.
    They never give excuses to the situation, instead, they find a solution for the problem. Ideal students are the most trustworthy, as they are faithful. Teachers assign works and responsibilities to the ideal student. Ideal students take all the responsibilities, not just take, but make an initiative by kick-starting the situation. They help other fellow students if they are troubled or backward in their studies.
  • TIME MANAGEMENT: Ideal student certain time for his/her activities. They carry out
    them accordingly. They are punctual in all aspects.
  • HEALTHY CREATURE: An ideal person follow all the activities simultaneously.
    They are fit and fine internally and externally. Physically fit, as they do exercises. Mentally keep their brain active by reading books and acquiring knowledge over all the situations.
  • EFFICIENT LEARNER: An Ideal person has the curiosity to experiment with innovative things. They are not ashamed to question and ask unknown things. When in doubt, clarify it. This enables efficient learning in a person.

Key Roles to Become an Ideal Student

  • Be Organized
  • Set an Agenda
  • Follow Principles
  • Obey and Respect others
  • Be Helpful
  • Hard work

Parents Role to Guide an Ideal Student

Every parent wants their children to be an example to others. They expect the best from their kids. Parents should understand their children’s desires, their problems, their interests. They are ought to be the pillars for their children. They should be friendly and loving. By no means force your desires on them. Guide them for a better future.

Parents must let them know, the importance of life and education. Motivate them to the right path. Accept them the way they are. Proper support and contribution of your time, will not just lead them to an Ideal student, but an Ideal human being.

Conclusion: “An ideal student is a thirst for knowledge”.

All the students must aim for Ideal students. This will empower them to attain success in life, which also shows the way to evolution in the nation.

Essay on Ideal Student for Students and Children | PDF Download

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