Essay on How I Spent My Summer Vacation for Students and Children | PDF Download

Essay on How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Herewith, I have shared an Essay on How I Spent My Summer Vacation. So in this how I spent my summer vacation essay, I am going to share my summer vacation experience, my activities, and the adventure I had done in my last summer vacation.

Long Essay on How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is a relaxation and enjoyment vacation for the students and children because there is no burden and tension of going to school, doing homework, and writing exams. Students relieve from the monotonous and daily routine though there is a high degree of the temperature they enjoy a lot by doing different activities and by going to different places of their interest.

Indeed to say, when I was in my schooling I used to wait for my Summer holidays, not for the results but the enjoyment. Beautiful trees, clear sky, pleasant fields and gardens, cool evenings make my summer vacation more beautiful even it’s the hottest season. I am very excited to share my experiences, my hobbies, my adventures, my activities, etc., during summer vacation.

Summer Vacations allow us to learn new things, adopt new hobbies, and bring out our hidden talents. In this summer vacation, I went to the native village where my grandparents are residing and then I went on summer vacation which is organized by my college management. This year’s summer vacation was a memory for me.

Summer Camp:

As my summer vacation started I was getting bored because my friends went to some other places with their parents and there was no one with me to spend my time with and to enjoy with them. So my parents noticed and suggested I join a Summer camp which was organized by the college management and it is a 15 days camp. As my parents suggested I got enrolled in the summer camp with not much interest. But came to learn many things in that summer camp, I indulged in so many activities and my summer camp gave me a chance to discover my talents.

I got up early in the morning at 6 o’clock and got ready to attend different activities. We had good expert trainers in the camp who taught different things each day with patience. I have learned martial arts which were very amusing and helpful. Further, I have attended classes in dancing, singing, and painting in the camp. On the last two days of the camp, we went to undavalli caves and Bhavani Island. The weather was so favorable so we enjoyed ourselves a lot and I have collected good memories from my camp.

My Homeland or My Grandparents Village:

During this summer vacation, the first thing I went to my grandparent’s village. My grandparents reside in my ancestral village and look after the Mangoes and guavas Garden. Due to academic obligations, I had not met them for 2 years. So I wanted to spend at least a couple of weeks with my grandparents, So I went with my family members and there we stayed for 20 days with my grandparents.

In my homeland, I met my childhood friends and relatives. My childhood friends are very lovable and caring. I visited childhood friends’ homes and spent more time with their family members prepared traditional and I had a memorable time with them. On pleasant mornings I had a long walk with my friends to visit fields, Mangoes, and guavas garden, at cool evenings we played traditional childhood games such as hide and seek, Gilli-danda, kho-kho, etc., all these games have been entertaining Indian village children for centuries and at night time we sat around our grandmother’s bed and listened to her mesmerizing stories and finally, I learned some delicious dishes from my grandmother.

Conclusion: In this Essay on How I Spent My Summer Vacation, I want to conclude that during this summer vacation I have spent my summer vacation getting closer to my parents, grandparents, childhood friends, and relatives which I was not able to do due to my academic obligations. I enjoyed it a lot and at the same time, I learned many things on this summer occasion.

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Essay on How I Spent My Summer Vacation for Students and Children | PDF Download

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