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Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life

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A hostel is a place of accommodation for the working professionals and the students studying far-flung their homes. The hostel provides shelter, foodstuff, and needed amenities for the people who opt to stay.

When a student wants to continue their advanced education if the colleges and universities are far from their home town. Students decide to stay at a hostel and continue their education. And also the people working in different locations choose to stay at a hostel and peruse the job.

Students stay in the hostel and experience the hostel life. Hostel life is one of the best parts of a student’s life. It takes a little time span to get adjusted to the new environment apart from homes. Eventually, the hostel becomes their home for a short interval of time. Hostel life is full of fun and happiness as it gives many friends and cherishable movements with them.

It’s not just a bowl of happiness, there are also sorrows for being far from parents and loved ones. If there is no proper guardian to the premises, it can escort students to awful behavior. Hostel life has its own advantages and disadvantages, let us have a brief of the pros and cons of hostel life.

Advantages of a Hostel Life

  • Hostel life enables the person to lead life independently and take decisions on their own without any support in certain situations. It teaches us to become more independent.
  • Hostel life fills courage in people staying apart from parents, they are more brave and bold compared to students who stay with their parents. They can handle their situations by themselves.
  • Many tough situations come on their way, problems regarding proper food, the environment, love towards their family, and many other worst situations may occur. Hostellers are confident to tackle all the problems.
  • A hostel is a place where people from all backgrounds are found. People of various traditions, cultures, languages stay in the same place. This leads to mutual respect and understanding between each other and their religions.
  • Hostel life has a set of principles and rules to be followed by students. They have certain timings to be followed for the activities in a day. Either waking up in the morning, followed by food, or sleeping at night must be followed accordingly by all the students. This process implements the discipline factor in them.
  • People who stay in hostels are away from their family, friends, and loved ones. Hostel mates are friends and family to share and care for each other. The connections get stronger as time passes. This leads to a strong friendship bond within them, they get emotionally connected. Long-lasting relations are found in hostel life.
  • A hostel is a place away from home, people have to do their chores on their own. They sometimes have to wash their clothes, cook their food in some situations. This helps them learn basic human skills irrelevant to gender.

Disadvantages of a Hostel Life

  • If the person is sick it is the worst situation to be faced, though there are hostel friends and the guardian of the hostel to take care of. Parents’ love can never be replaced by anyone. Parents stay awake the whole night to take care of us when we are ill, so in such situations, hostel life is a big No
  • If a person is an introverted or shy person, and can’t get on with others easily, he/she can’t sustain in a hostel. Introverts face many challenges to make new friends. They feel lonely away from their family.
  • People who are connected to their parents find it really hard to stay at the hostel. They are emotionally weak when thoughts of their family arose.
  • When people are used to several years of life in staying at hostels, they find it hard to adjust with family and relatives. As they will not have any restrictions and rules in a hostel. They sometimes disrespect the principles of their parents.
  • Food is another problem, faced by people leading a life in the hostel. Sometimes the quality of the food provided is not up to the mark. Students need to eat what is provided either they like it or not.
  • If there is no proper guardian/ hostel warden to take care of the premises. Students lead a life as they wish, either good or bad circumstance, discipline will not be followed by them. Which escorts me to dreadful circumstances in life.

Conclusion: Every phase of life has its own pros and cons. Either a home or a hostel life, followed with certain principles by an individual, can lead a beautiful life. Every situation is in our own hands, we are the decision-makers. It all depends on us to make the right choice for a happy and successful life.

Essay on Hostel Life for Students and Children | PDF Download

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