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Essay On Girl Education

Essay on Girl Education: Herewith, We have composed an essay on Girl Education for School Students and Children in Simple English besides we also provided the Importance, Factors, Benefits of Educating a girl. So the children and students can refer to this complete essay to perform the class assignments, comprehensive tasks, and competitions well. To know the value of time one can read this complete article at his/her convenience.

Essay On Girl Education for Students and Children

Education is the most predominant part of an individual’s life. A person’s overall knowledge is extracted from education. Education comes along with a lot of reimbursements. Education makes the person independent, capable of facing the world, and gets an awareness of the things around the world. Whether a boy or girl, education should be made obligatory. Education differs an individual in all aspects.

Girl Education – It is very important to educate a girl child, educating a girl makes a big difference and it is an important role in developing society and education becomes very helpful to women’s empowerment. Educating a girl eradicates gender discrimination and in society. Education makes the girl reach the highest heights and escort a life according to their desires and aspirations.

“When you invest in girl’s education, she feeds herself, her children, her community, and her Nation”.

India is one of the most colonized countries on the globe. Although, the rate of girl education is to a certain extent squat evaluated to the other countries. Women are given the position of goddesses in India, though there are limitations for them. The graph is distorted put side by side to the old days. The statistics have drastically enhanced to an extent in recent years. But we still have an elongated path to reach.

During the ancient times, women were not given much importance, and also had many margins, they were not even allowed to step out of their houses. As they progress in the country leads to many changes, even the people’s thought process to every situation in life also had a revolutionary change.

In the modern days, people are more considerate towards girls’ education and well-being. Every parent has a desire to educate their girls for a triumph in life and grow to be an independent woman.

Importance of Girl Education 

Educating a girl has many significant benefits. They become self-dependent and not reliant on anybody.

  • Educating a girl endowed with numerous opportunities in different fields like medicine, technology, teachers, lawyers, singers, writers, artists, and many more. They can accomplish and full fill their desires.
  • The service provided by girls in different fields leads to progress in the nation.
  • Educated girls grew up to be women who are self-determining and share their responsibilities by working and obtaining income for the well-being of the family.
  • Educated girls and women are less prone to be fatalities of domestic and sexual brutality.
  • As the country is full of antagonism and altering the standard of living, it is difficult for a middle-class family to lead a life. When the girl is educated she can help the family with her earnings.
  • Educated women can make decisions on what is right and what’s wrong. This in turn gives an affirmative outcome for the people, country, and environment.
  • Educated women can incorporate infinite awareness in their kids and help them in their education.
  • The gender inequality issue can be sorted out if the girl is educated.

Factors Affecting the Girl Education

A lot of factors affect the education of a girl. The contributing factors to the low rate of girl education are:

  • Old Thoughts: In the rural areas, people still pursue the old ethnicity and traditions.
    They presuppose that girls are only destined for house-old chores. Parents entail girls to learn cooking and how to uphold the house, which is the primary focus of parents over girls. Education is not given a lot of significance to girls in some regions.
  • Poverty: Although education is free of cost in government schools, there are
    still some needs that require money like uniforms, books, stationery, and transportation. People below the poverty line can’t afford all this, as the
    reason they don’t persuade girls education.
  • Child Marriage: Some customs still follow the process of child marriage, where the girls
    are forced to get married at a very small age. As a result, studies get disturbed and they get no education.
  • Child labor: Due to the scarcity faced by the parents, they take their kids to work
    along with them. Especially girls have stopped their schooling and send to work in early age. This is the foremost cause for hindering girls from studying.

Also, several factors that escort to the low rate of girls’ education are spiritual issues, remoteness, insecurity feelings.

Benefits of Educating a Girl

  • Educated girls are more capable to build their future and reach their goals.
  • Educated women are mentally and economically strong to take responsibility for their families.
  • Girls with good education skills develop the progress of the nation.
  • Squat hazard of child transience.
  • Educated women are less likely to contract the transmitted disease.
  • 50% of educated women have their children immunized.
  • Low rate of sexual and domestic abuse.
  • They are self-determining, conscientious, self-assured.
  • Educate women to observe and enhance the importance of education to others.

Girl Education: Images

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Conclusion:  There is a colossal requirement for educating a girl. Education empowers the individual. Parents and people around should be accountable for the girls, well-being, and knowledge.

Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has imposed and taken a good initiative towards the girl child.

The campaign named “Beti Bachoo Beti Padhao” is imposed in the rural areas. Which serves the purpose to “Save Girl Child, Educate Girl Child” Development in the country is possible through education. Which should be made obligatory to all.

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