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Essay on Gardening

Long Essay on Gardening

An activity of growing plants of every variety in an allotted space. The place where the gardening is done is called a Garden.” To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”. The garden consists of a wide variety of plants.

The plants may be either fruit, vegetables, flowers, green leafy vegetables, herbs, and many more. Gardening is carried on a specific place, the place may be immense or petite.
Gardening not just gives pleasure and elegance. It gives supplements to the kitchen.

It is a knack, if given proper care and love the beauty and benefits are immeasurable. Nowadays, Gardening is an activity that is adopted by people either as a hobby or carry out as a way of life in a disciplined manner.

Importance of Gardening

“Gardening gives lifetime full of happiness”. The Garden is all about plants and trees. Plants and trees play an essential role in everybody’s life.

Life would not be possible without plants and trees. From breathing to eating and drinking water, everything is dependent on plants. Plants produce oxygen. They provide all the food we eat. Plants help in maintaining the water table.

Gardening at home is adopted as a hobby, so diversion from stress and relaxed time is possible. Gardening with family helps in bonding and communication between people. Gardening in school helps students learn the importance and process of planting plants.

Elements of Gardening

The elements that present an attractive and functional garden are :

  • Superior Soil
  • Natural conditions(sun and rain)
  • Water
  • Nutrients
  • Air
  • Proper space to grow

Advantages of Gardening

  • HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Gardening is an excellent physical activity. It is the natural therapy
    that can make wonders for our lifestyle. As we grow plants in an organic way, the supplements we get and consume are healthy. No chemicals and pesticides.
    This healthy way of eating will rejuvenate our bodies. The fresh breeze and harmony we get, by incorporating some time in the garden can kick away our depression.
    Recent studies have proved that gardening can cure blood pressures, lower cholesterol levels. Gardening activates our brain and body. Gardening also involves physical activity like watering plants, cleaning the place, harvesting, mulching gives the body good exercise.
  • HARVESTING: The vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs we get from the plants from our own garden, give immense satisfaction. It is healthy and organic. The food we consume is grown directly by us and fed to the family, this gives happiness. Gardening activities involve family members too.
  • BENEFITS FOR LIVING: Gardening at home is all about plants, the oxygen released by plants after taking carbon dioxide to produce fresh and pollution-free air. The soil is also fertile. Fresh breeze, Rainwater can be collected. Reduces the everyday expenditure for buying vegetables and fruits which are available.
  • VALUE FOR PROPERTY: Gardening at the home balcony, Gardening at backyards increase the worth of the property. If the garden is maintained well, people show interest and tenderness more than a normal home.
  • GARDENING AS AN HOBBY: Gardening is an art, with interest and skill you can make it look beautiful. It relaxes the mind, the smell of the soil is so soothing. The silence in the plants creates heaven of your own space. It also has included manual labor, but all that is worthy of your time and hard work.
  • PLEASURE OF GARDENING: The joy and peace one enjoys sitting in a garden is immensely found nowhere. It helps you to connect to nature. Plants receive you with positivity and are full of life.

How to Handle Garden?

  • Decide a place and make fine use of it.
  • Garden layout planning.
  • Grown the recommended kind of plants.
  • Acquire quality seeds, supplies, plants, gardening tools.
  • Organize and Nurture the soil.
  • Plant the seeds in the right way and accordingly.
  • Keep down weed.
  • Have power over Pests.
  • Water regularly.
  • Allow natural elements.
  • Harvest the crop.

Conclusion: “Garden is an exercise in optimism. Sometimes it is a triumph of hope over experience”. the Garden is the place of happiness.

Essay on Gardening for Students and Children | PDF Download

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