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Essay On Freedom Of Speech

FREEDOM OF SPEECH – It is the right of an independent to express their opinions and feelings devoid of hindrance and to search for, obtain and impart information and ideas through any medium and despite the consequences of borderline.

Freedom of Speech is a Fundamental Right of a Democratic country that warranty its citizens. The Constitution of India pledges freedom of speech to every citizen of India, irrespective of caste, creed, gender, and religion. The freedom to carry out their religion, the liberty to convey love and affection, the free will to express our attitude, and rebellious
views devoid of throbbing emotions and causing brutality is an indispensable ingredient of what India is structured of.

Democracy is based intensely on the right for people to express their opinions. Freedom of Speech is a basic Fundamental Right for humans in a free society. The Constitution of India warranty freedom of Speech and Expression to all citizens.

According to Article 19 (1)(a), all citizens shall have the right to freedom of speech and expression. The article has the following features specified in it.

  • All the citizens of the country are free to express their feelings and opinions.
  • It not only implies the language, the speech by the way of movies, pictures, writings, lectures, banners, etc.,
  • The right to speak involves the right not to speak whatever individual wishes to.
  • The involvement of people in sports is an idiom of one’s self and thus is a form of freedom of speech.
  • In the year 2004, the Supreme Court held that hoisting the national flag is also a form of freedom.
  • The right to freedom of speech contain the right to communicate, print, and advertise this information.
  • Freedom of speech also consists of profitable and arty communication and idiom.
  • Freedom of the press is anecdotal freedom under this article.
  • The Freedom of Speech also takes account of the access of information because this right is pointless when others are vetoed from deliberate/ paying attention. According to this elucidation, the Right to Information is a fundamental right.
  • The Supreme Court has also lined that freedom of speech is an unassailable right appendage to the right of life. These two rights are not detached but associated.
  • Boundaries on the freedom of speech of any citizen may be positioned as much by an action of the state as by its functioning. In brief, the letdown of the state to warranty this freedom to all classes of citizens will be defiance of their fundamental rights.

Importance Of Freedom Of Speech

  • Freedom of speech allows people to express their thoughts over the positive and negative according to their perspective. They will have the right to express their opinions about the government. They can appreciate as well as criticize.
  • People can ask for their needs and acquirements, if possible they will be satisfied by the authorities.
  • If the Freedom of Speech is deficient people will not have the right to speak. The Government will also neglect the needs and desires of the common man. They will be the only partiality towards some set of people in the society.
  • People are free not just to speak in the aspects of political issues, even the social, economic, and cultural aspects of people can be raised.
  • Freedom of the press is also a vital aspect of freedom of speech and expression.

Limitations Of Freedom Of Speech

  • Independence and truthfulness of the country.
  • Security
  • Communal Order
  • Principles
  • Abhorrence speech
  • Disrespect of court
  • Welcoming kindred with foreign countries
  • Slander

Conclusion: All the rights and freedom of the people should be used in an appropriate means. Nobody should harm or hurt the other person by their freedom of speech. This freedom should not lead to lawlessness and turmoil in the country and also in the existence of human beings.

Essay on Freedom Of Speech for Students and Children | PDF Download

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